Seeking Work from Home Ideas for a Writer

Updated on February 03, 2009
P.J. asks from Woodbridge, NJ
4 answers

Hi all, I have close to 5 years experience as a technical writer in the Software development industry. After I conceived, I decided to stay home and raise our child. As a result, I've not been working for close to 3 years now. Am still not keen on getting back to the corporate world with a fulltime job but am interested in doing some kind of writing that will pay atleast our rent. Do any of you out there have any ideas for me to get back to writing?
Any help will be appreciated.


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I've seen in the back of Parent's magazine about writing children's books.



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What length would you go to have your husband at home with you, As well as, Build a legacy for your family? that is both willable & sellable. While resting assure you get paid daily & the work you do one time will grow to the point of being able to go on vacation and come home to a check!

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Hi P.,

Check with your local newspaper. I know in my town the local newspaper pays writers for weekend events that their full-time employees are to busy to cover. My secretary does it to make extra money for her family, she said they pay by the article. I don't know if it will be enough to cover rent, however maybe it can bring in some extra money to your family and keep you involved at the same time. Good luck and enjoy your baby girl!!

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