Seeking to Join Natural/organic Food Co-op in Indianapolis

Updated on March 25, 2010
J.T. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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My family used to be a member of a natural/organic food co-op that folded about a year ago and are looking to join another one (to supplement shopping at local farmers' markets and natural food grocery stores). Any leads/information would be appreciated. Thank you!

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answers from Indianapolis on

There is also a new store going in where the old Atlas (I think? it was before I lived here) was in Broad Ripple. I have heard it will be like Wild Oats and Sun Flower Market but don't realloy know anything about it other than that.

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Hi J.,

I am a member at a FABULOUS organic food co-op. We have a lot of farmers, CSA programs, harvest bread, new meadery (honey wine), skillington farms (chickens), seafood from Alaska, Traders Point Creamery ($2.50 per pint of milk - they sell for 5.35 at Kroger) organic seeds, honey, maple syrup and more...

You get your stuff at wholesale or discounted prices.
I am VERY happy with it and it has really made a huge difference on our wallet. She has a fabulous produce program.

Send me a private message if you're interested and I'll send you the link to the yahoo group.
Another mom here joined it I think.... She had inquired about it.

Pick ups are Tuesdays off 96th and Allisonville and 1 wednesday a month for Natural Farms.
The CSA program for the summer offers home deliveries for about 150 for the season....
They have full shares and half shares...
I highly recommend it!

We do tours of the farms and are working on a potluck so most members can meet.

Another friend of mine has recently joined and is very happy.

She has recently announced that she's accepting a few new members so it'd be a perfect time to check it out!



answers from Indianapolis on

i don't think there IS a co-op around--- Good Earth on Guilford in Broadripple has organic seasonal produce and locals bring in their produce to sell as well but that is more a summer thing- someone will bring in raspberries or tomatoes...the prices should be as good or better than co-op.
i've heard talk of a co-op being started around this area but right now i am pretty certain there is not one.
p.s. Sunflower does not exist here anymore and Wild Oats is now a different store- Whole Food Market or something like that has i think bought out the Wild Oats- but still is in the Nora location.



answers from Indianapolis on

There will be Indy's only natural foods cooperative store opening just east of downtown spring

We currently have over 250 members, have raised over $250,000 in grants to help cover start-up costs so we can keep our product costs down, working with a lot of local producers, suppliers. Check it out and hope you join!



answers from Indianapolis on

Good places for organic items are whole foods/Wild oats, Farmers market, Georgetown market. Some stores-even now carry organic items- although I do not know how authentic and true they are.



answers from Indianapolis on

Have you asked about this at Sunflower? They may know of one. If you do find one, would you mind posting?

Good luck, you have lots on your plate (no pun intended).



answers from Indianapolis on

Hello. My husband and I are part of "Farm Fresh Delivery". They provide local organic produce and other items delivered to your home on a weekly basis. You register on their website and every week pick out the food you want to purchase. Their website is



answers from Indianapolis on

I am watching to see what comes up. I was not aware that Sunflower had closed or that Wild Oats had changed companies, since I moved out of Broad Ripple. I guess we will need to inquire at the Farmers' Market behind Broad Ripple High School when it opens.



answers from Washington DC on

It's not necessarily a co-op, but they do use a lot of local farmers/bakers/etc.

This place delivers!! I just discovered it recently. We've gotten 3 deliveries so far and LOVE it. The produce is great. I also get eggs and soy milk. There are meats, breads, dairy name it. I highly recommend the organic whole wheat pumpkin bread! :)

It's nice to not have to drag the kids out shopping. Plus, it is forcing me to cook more b/c I don't want it to go to waste.

You have a "standing order" that you can modify each week. I've recommended it to everyone in our co-op preschool class.


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