Seeking to Buy a New computer...advice Appreciated!

Updated on July 09, 2011
D.E. asks from Mineral Wells, TX
7 answers

My husband and I are looking to purchase a new computer. We currently have a laptop, and while it is about 2 1/2 years old, it works, but is slow and with all electronics, it is becoming outdated. It has been VERY well used these past few years that we have had it. Anyway, we are talking about getting a new one. We are trying to decide whether or not to get a new laptop, or get an all-in-one computer. Our space is limited, so we have almost ruled out the desktop with a tower. While I would LOVE an Apple product, our budget is also tight! We are trying to figure out best bang and brand for out buck. I would prefer getting a desktop (all-in-one) because our laptop is still usable. And once we get the desktop paid off (Best Buy no interest route) then we can look at upgrading our laptop. We don't "game" or anything major like that. I do take lots of pictures of the kiddos and do lots of office type work on it (stay at home mom doing personal office work), and my husband is currently getting his masters and all the classes are online. Any thoughts or advice you can share? Thank you mamas!

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answers from Honolulu on

Get a MAC.
I have had a PC.
Now have a MAC.
LOVE it so much more.
It is awesome and worth it.
It just goes on your desk, you plug it in and that's it.
No tower to deal with.

My Husband goes to school too and has some online courses, and he has a MAC too.

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answers from Youngstown on

Check into getting a refurbished Mac. They are usually cheaper and run great. Mac is so much better than PC and worth the extra expense.


answers from Dallas on

All 3 of us in our family have Dell laptops. We love them and have no desire to change.

My daughter and I got ours from Dell direct, hubby bought his at Best Buy.

Hubby and I use ours heavily for our business. I run Quickbooks and have a lot of data for our company. Daughter uses hers for homework, research and of course her social networking.

If you can't pay cash for a new computer DO NOT get one. We love Best Buy but you will pay more in the long run if you start buying things in payment plans and you'll end up in more debt. You have to know there is a gimmick somewhere... stores do not have no interest loans... you are paying somewhere, somehow.


answers from Kansas City on

I'm not sure how tight your budget is, but Best Buy sells refurbished Apple Mac laptops. I'm pretty stuck on Mac since they always perform well even years later, so I believe they are really worth the price. I've never owned a refurbished Mac though, so if you go that route read the warranty carefully before purchasing and look for reviews from people who've had refurbished ones. HTH.



answers from San Diego on

Mac, if nothing else, customer service is awesome. I think down the line you may feel cheated my getting a PC.



answers from Dallas on

we are an all apple family. never any issues, everything syncs with each other. The headache free, turn key start up is worth the expense for us. Best buy sells apple. That's what I recommend.


answers from Tulsa on

If you can swing a Mac budget wise, definitely get one. You can try and they usually have sales of the next newest model. I use them a lot instead of going to the Apple store.

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