Seeking Tasteful Girls Clothing for 7 Yr Old

Updated on August 28, 2009
R.M. asks from San Mateo, CA
4 answers

Searching for tasteful girls clothing for a 7 yr old (not skull head graphics, flimsy material outfits, hoody sweatshirts and tacky prints. Tried Lands End (too vanilla), Gap, Old Navy, Macys, Nordstroms (horrible selection this year), Gymboree and Hannah Anderson (better for 6 and under), Children's Place (some styles ok). Any suggestions of good online sites or shops on the peninsula that won't break the bank?

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answers from San Francisco on

Try j. Crew and boden.



answers from San Francisco on

Have you tried Justice? ( Some of there stuff is way too trendy, but they do have some cute pieces. Always look for 40% of coupons when shopping there.

Also, I've had really good luck shopping in the JCPenney and Kohls kids department. Again, you have to dig through the trendy / inappropriate stuff, but you'll find good stuff.



answers from San Francisco on

I hear what you say. Just out of the cute little outfits, now offered horrible miss-sized, uncomfortable and difficult to button and zip. I have stuff from target, Kmart, walmart and sears to put together a few outfits for school. None has bottoms and tops that are good for school/ I had to coordinate colors from stuff from different stores...
It's even worse with my 11 year old girl.
Maybe less is more...



answers from San Francisco on

Justice in Tanforan Mall (SB) has cute clothes for girls

Good luck!

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