Seeking Suggestions for Sunscreen and Also Self-Tanning Lotion

Updated on May 23, 2011
K.B. asks from West Jordan, UT
11 answers

Ok Mamas...we are almost out of our Hawaiin Tropic SPF 50 and I need to know what kind of sunscreen your kids/family uses? Also, what is a good self-tanning lotion?


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answers from Atlanta on

Hi K.,

We don't self tan so I cant help you there. We use Sun Shades sunscreen from Melaleuca. It's a microfine zinc oxide that rubs on clear and is also healing to the skin. It doesn't wash off easily when you sweat or swim so one application before you go out usually lasts me all day...

If you want some info on it, let me know.


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answers from Denver on

For years we used many different brands until a friend of mine gave me Arbonne about 9 years ago. At that same time I was really delving deeper into educating myself on ingredients of products & their safety.

Most doctors now agree you You do nOt need above a 30 SPF. That is a good thing because anything over a 30 has many toxic chemicals. Arbonne uses safe ingredients to block UVA, UVB & ooh 1 more I forget the name...they are awesome plus if it gets in the little ones eyes it's not burning like other ones weve used.
Now ont the self tanners. I am super fair 1/2 Swedish. Then I am also Russian & Norwegian. So most self tanners turn me a weird orange. Yuck! But the before sun self tanner from Arbonne is awesome! It compliments all skin tones. Plus you can gradually build up the color unlike many self tanners. And it can be used over your entire body including the face. Just make sure to exfoliate before using any self tanner. You can see these products at



answers from Denver on

I want to add to julia's answer. Mary kay is recommended by the american skin cancer association (which is a recommendation that cannot be bought ) and it is a full spectrum sunscreen (meaning it protects against. UVA and UVB rays. You don’t need anything more than an spf30 because spf30 protects against 90something % of the harmful rays and when you go above that your % increases minimally (and there is no sunscreen that protects 100%-you just have to keep reapplying to get the best protection)
Good luck and.... happy sunshine :)_



answers from Detroit on

We use Arbonne sunscreen they have formula's for both kids/babies and adults. I only trust Arbonne since they Don't put mineral oil or Non Natural ingredients in them. If you don't have a consultant I am here to help you. I do have a sample of our ABC baby/childrens sun screen if you would like to try it.



answers from Phoenix on

Nivea is my favorite self tanner and I have used Jergens. It looks really natural and does not turn you orange. If you write the manufacturer they will send you a coupon. That is what got me started to try it. Now I love it and buy it all the time.

I have children under 6 years old and love water babies.


answers from Salt Lake City on

I just tried the Neutrogena spray on tan. It worked pretty well. The stuff doesn't smell very good though. Make sure and spray it in a well ventilated area (I keep the bathroom fan on for a few minutes after I spray it on). I used it for 4 days straight (on my legs) after my shower in the morning. I was surprised at how natural it looked, except for around the bottom of my foot. It got a bit streaky there. Yesterday after I sprayed it on, I made sure and rubbed it in around my ankle & the bottom of my foot. Make sure and exfoliate really well on your knees too. I have found that if I put a really good moisturizer on my knees BEFORE I spray it on, it doesn't seem to concentrate there as much.

As far as sunscreen goes, we use the Target brand spray. It is the clear stuff that doesn't need to be rubbed in and that will spray in any direction. I like it because I can get it on my back when I'm by myself. I also use Water Babies on my kids, especially their faces.

I'm looking for a good everyday lotion that has sunscreen in it for my arms, neck & chest. It can't feel greasy at all, or I won't wear it. I'm really good about spraying us down before we go out, but I've been burned a few times because I got delayed and hadn't been planning on being outside so I didn't put any on my arms.

Good luck in your quest!



answers from Cumberland on

Jergens is great for self tanning-I have used Chanel, Lancome, you name it-the Jergens is more "forgiving" -doesn't get streaky or orange-go figure! When the children were little-I probably used "Water Babies". I cannot stress the importance of sunscreen, hats, protective clothing-swim tee shirts and never getting a sun burn. I have had more stuff scraped off, burned off, sliced off, etc-and then two years ago-I had a melanoma, in situ, removed-I go about four time a year-to the dermo-and if I don't -i get reprimanded. Sunglasses are also vitally important-they greatly reduce the incidence of cataracts if worn in the first three years of life.


answers from Dover on

We use Sun Shade by Melaleuca. It comes in lotion (I use this) and spray (my hubby prefers this one). Works great. Safe for kids and adults.

Don't use self-tanning lotions.


answers from Phoenix on

I have not tried the Jergens brand self tanner but just saw one of those shows that has the "best" product and that's what they said for self tanners. i'm a whitie and will be going on vacation in 2 weeks so i need to get some soon! and i don't have a 'brand' of sun screen, i just buy whatever is on sale since we go thru GALLONS of it here in AZ!!!



answers from Salt Lake City on

I use Mary Kay sunscreen for myself and my kids. It is thick and not greasy, and even though it's spf 30 (rather than 50 or whatever), the only time I've gotten burned with it is when I'm out all day and forget to reapply, usually at a lake (which will happen with ANY sunscreen).

Mary Kay also makes a great self-tanning lotion. It works with the pigments in your skin to give you a more natural glow, and also feels great as a lotion.

If you don't know any consultants, go to and enter your zip to find a great one near you. (Or, since you live near me, mssg me and I will give you my consultant's info)



answers from Denver on

I have tested so many self tanners and I have decided to go to a salon to get professionally sprayed. The booth that I think works the best is the Versa Spa, the Mystic doesn't even compare. I love the folks here at Darque Tan in Colorado but you might find a Versa somewhere else...

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