Seeking Stay at Home Moms with Multiple Children near Muncie Indiana

Updated on January 17, 2007
M.S. asks from Muncie, IN
8 answers

I have a 7 year old son in the 1st grade and a set of twin boys that just turned two. I had a full time job that I loved before I gave birth to the twins. My husband is always gone on the road working so I do all the mom stuff, like sports, etc. My husband is telling me that I seriously need to consider seeing a doctor about an anti-depressant. He says I've completely changed since the twins were born. I see myself sometimes getting really frustrated with life in general. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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answers from Kokomo on

Completely changed since the twins were born! Really...who wouldn't girl. 2 year twins is all consuming. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, and guilty about wanting to run screaming from the house and get a pedicure..oops that's just me:) Really, find someting fun for the kiddies to do. A day at the Children's Museum in Indy is great...they can play, yet they are not hanging on your apron strings (like any of us sahmom's wear aprons) Check out local churches-whether you go there or not...maybe they have a moms morning out-drop off childcare kind of thing. Anything to give you a little break. Preschool is just around the corner for you too. Hang in there, and by judging the other posts, perhaps there is still some PPD going on and meds is the key-who knows! I'm in Kokomo, so I am close to you!



answers from Muncie on


i live in muncie, and although my children are older, i know how you feeli,,,depression can be serious,sound like you are overwhelmed and frustrated that your husband is on the road alot, and you do it all, i have been there, and it is not easy..take time for you, and when your husband is home take time for the two of you to be together , no kids....if you are getting frustrated about life in general, you may want to see the doctor, to give you some anti anxeity medication, just to keep you alittle calmer, i went through that too, and you tend to take it out on the ones you to a doctor, and talk freinds, if you need to talk let me know, and we can talk either in instant messenger, on the phone what ever, and if you need a shoulder let me know, my husband works nights, and i am always looking for you have a sitter or anyoneyou can trust to sit with the kids, to get some me time? hang in there it will be ok




answers from Lafayette on

It could be depression. It could be "stay at home mom blues". Either way, especially if you intend to remain a stay at home mom, I would consider counseling to help you deal. I've been pretty much supporting myself since I was 12. Then just a little over 4 years ago I had a complicated pregnancy and had to do most of it on bedrest and to top it off, my daughter had a stroke during birth, so I had to stay at home to take care of her as I couldn't find child care that would be responsible for her. Oi!!! Talk about depression! I'm not used to being stuck between these walls like that. It about drove me bonkers. But after 3 years of therapy she's good as new...less than 15% delayed on her muscle tone and finally able to go to daycare, so I went back to work. The job really seemed to be what the doctor ordered. Now I'm happy as a clam. Working is really all I ever knew, so when I was unable to work it drug me down bad. Some mom's are meant to be stay at home moms and they're great at what they do...god knows it's the hardest job I ever had and it's 24/7 with no breaks. But other moms like me were meant to work outside the home. It's hard to be a stay at home mom and it's hard to be a working mom...face's just flat out hard to be a mom and it's possible that you just need to go back to work, but you won't know for sure unless you see a counselor and/or try hitting the working force again.



answers from Lexington on

are you truly depressed or just frustated? unhappy or just a little overwhelmed? sounds to me like you mihgt just need some "me" time. try getting a sitter for the little ones maybe once a week or so and doing something for yourself...go to the library, or join a gym, go lunch with your girlfriends, go to movies by your self, or just sit at home and vege out in front of the tv with a good book. you also need to make sure that you and your hubby are getting some one on one time with each other too. it will help keep you two close and connected. true drepression can almost be crippling and sounds to me like you are handling life as it comes, but just need a respite from the hum-drum of everyday housewife life.



answers from Indianapolis on

If you are depressed, you should go see about getting on an anti-depressant. I was just at the doctor today for this very reason. Depression is the feeling of lonliness, overwhelmingness, you feel like you just can't "function" as a person, it's hard to get up and get goin' in the morning, you don't feel like doing anything, sometimes you have more or less of an appetite, etc. Lots of things incompass depression, but if you don't feel like yourself, you definetly should speak with someone. There's nothing wrong with taking meds to help and don't let anyone make you feel that way!



answers from Louisville on

Hi- I have 2 wonderful children ages 2 and 7. I know exactly how you feel about not being the same. You have a lot more responsibilties and it is hard to time for yourself. I myself have been on medication ever since my first child was born and my husband can tell a difference. I can also tell, as well as my family and friends. It may help to at least go to the dr and let them know how you feel and what is going on and they will know best.



answers from Indianapolis on

M., I know how you feel, I get the "stay at home mom blues" especially in the winter. I just moved to Noblesville 3 months ago and I dont have any friends, I wish you were close we could hang out together and let our kids play. Find a friend close and invite her over. You do have a lot on your plate, hang in there. I am sure you are a great mom and you are doing your best.
Best wishes



answers from Evansville on

I am in somewhat of your shoes, I have a 5 year old dd that will go to school next year but i am doing the preschool stuff at this time, then i have a 3 year old dd that is very up and doing something all the time that if you let her out of your site that she will do something bad, than what i do have that you have is a set of twins that will be 2 on march 17 of 07, they are a boy and girl......then i have a will be 5 month old little girl. but one thing is my hubby is around but he is in the army but it is still hard being a mom of kids. We are in evansville, in till november than the army will be moving us.
I had a job before i had the last baby and that was so great b/c i got me time and now man i want to go get a job b/c it was so nice to get me time from it. Yeah everyone thought i was funny when i said i loved to work and it was fun to work. but they didn't know how it is to be home with alot of kids and not really have life out side of home. I don't really have many friends here but i do have one nice friend that i talk to all the time here. It is not that i don't have friends in other states b/c of the miltary we move and our friends move too. but get to the point i have had to go on meds and it has helped me so much b/c not being able to feel like i can just walk away and feel good it mad me upset alot but when i took the meds and you don't have to stay on them but just maybe for like say 6 months and then be took off them and i bet you would feel like your self again b/c man i do.
Also if you ever need someone to talk to I am always home. or if you come out to evensville. we could take the kids to the mall and play in the play area for kids and man all the kids love that b/c i can just keep a eye on them and they get to run around and scream and run and just keep having fun and i get a break. Oh there is a place here in evansville where they watch your kids for free and you don't have to make any kind of money or below b/c well i don't make below any kind of limits for money so i would not be able to get anything if that was the case but you take them there and they watch them for you half a day or a whole day you just call them.
i better let you go i know i have made you read alot but i got so much to type but i hope this does help. let me know if you need to know about the place for free daycare. that place is nice i love it there.

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