Seeking Stay at Home Moms Spring Texas

Updated on June 28, 2010
N.C. asks from Houston, TX
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I'm wondering about stay at home moms I would like to able to stay at home next year.Right now I am a registrar at at school.How did you deceide the time was right to quit your jobs? My husband and I just started an AC company and it would benefit us if I were at home to take calls and schelude appointments but I'm worried about not having the extra income.I thought I could start cutting coupons and look for other ways to save money.Does anyone have any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

I just wanted to thank everyone for their response and words of encouragement.I still have til May when school is out to think about it and make my final decision.In the mean time if there are any other tips or resources ya'll can think of because continue to send them to me.Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.

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answers from Corpus Christi on

Hi N..
I am in Corpus Christi and have partners in Kerrville and Dallas and really all over. I would love to help you. We work at home, and it's not a party plan. Leave a message on my voice mail at 877-216-1940 and we will get in touch.

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answers from Houston on

Hello N., I am a stay at home grandma. I just quit my job August 6th. I talked to my husband about it and he agreed that I would be happier and enjoy staying home more. I was a Lab Tech at Methodist Hospital downtown. I am now a registered in Home Daycare Owner. I went to the class,the State Employee had to come out and inspect my home and now I have a permit to care for 12 children. I decided to do this because I have two grand-children with Asthma and they have to take treatments 4-6 times daily and the care they were getting was not good at their daycare. N. just find something you can do and go for it, but discuss it first with your husband. I live in Spring too. Silverglen Subdivision off T. C. Jester and Beltway 8. If you know anyone who needs childcare tell them to call me. ###-###-####.

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answers from Houston on

I think that staying home is absolutely the best thing if you have a supportive husband and are willing to make some sacrifices in your lifestyle. And I know it's possible because I'm a single mom of three kids who walked away from her job about 18 months ago to start a daycare center at home (and is now getting ready to resume homeschooling, which was always the goal). There is simply no substitute for being there when your kids get home from school, or for the kids to see you and your husband working together for everyone's benefit.

It's time to take a serious look at your budget to see where things can be trimmed. Coupons don't really work for me because they tend to be for things I don't buy much, like prepared foods, and pet and beauty items. But I drive an old car that's paid for, buy (or are given) most of our clothes and some toys at second hand stores and yard sales. We don't pay for services like housecleaning and lawnmowing (I think it's important for us to know how to do it, even if it's less than perfect). No cable/satellite TV. Most importantly, no buying anything on credit, and really thinking twice about what you buy in the first place. Your life will also become easier if you purge things you don't need from your house. You might want to consider a class like Financial Peace University at, and an excellent blog at It might be helpful for you to find that many people out there are trying to do what you are doing.

The other critical element is to have several months' worth of living expenses in savings. In this economy, a year's worth is a good idea.

For a couple of years after the divorce, life was really pretty difficult. And the kids still complain that they don't have some of the luxuries that many of the kids around them have. On the other hand, I have noticed that they really couldn't care less when they receive material gifts! We have started to make progress in setting goals together for meaningful things, like gifts for family members, trips we would like to take together, etc. The kids receive an allowance that they are expected to divide between saving, giving, and spending, and the spending portions needs to cover certain things.

If you couldn't tell, this subject has become very important to me. Our lives have become so much richer as we have become more consciously frugal. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk more.

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answers from San Antonio on

You will already be saving on gas.

Since you will be home to cook, you will be saving on food expenses.

Plan your meals in advance and buy appropriately. Cook a couple of extra meals to have in the freezer for days that are crazy or you are sick. That will save you from having to order out.

If you're not too much of a health nut (like all organic, etc.), Angel Food Ministries can help cut expenses a lot. I'm a little bit of a nut when it comes to organic, but when I'm in a bad pinch, Angel Food has really helped us out a lot.

An extra freezer help too so you can buy in bulk when necessary or when things are on sale.

Financial stress is not fun, but it is better than the other stresses that come from working and running around all of the time. You just have to remember that you would be stressed either way. Just choose your battles.

My husband and I just decided to take the plunge and take it one year at a time. We had saved some and decided to try it out. Knowing that I could go back to work if I had to, even part-time, would be acceptable. But, if I didn't have to, then that would one more year of great. One year at a time and I really didn't expect to be at home this long. It has finally come to the place that something has to change and I plan to go back to work part-time. But, part-time is better than full-time and I am so glad for the time I have had. Worse case scenarios = you have to go back to work or have to file bankruptcy. Nothing you can't overcome. And, at least you tried.



answers from Houston on

N., for me personally, its all about knowing what you bring in and how much you already spend. Once you look at the big picture, you'll be able to see areas where you can scale down in spending or cut out all together.

I saw this on Oprah once - I think it was the debt diet series (I'm not saying you are in debt or anything) - where a financial counselor looked over one family's eating out bill and it came to $20K that month! They had no idea until someone sat down and added that category up.

I think using coupons is great, but it won't help anyone if it isn't their greatest household spending. For some the greatest spending is eating out or their massive cable bill for 500+ channels, so clipping coupons ain't gonna help 'em! All the tips in the world could add up to nothing b/c each family spends money in different ways.

I'll PM you some of the things that has helped us since I've been SAHM but in the meantime, HTH! Good luck to you.



answers from Houston on

I can totally relate! We opened an AC company about 5 years ago. We talked at the time about me staying home, but due to health reasons I have to continue work to carry insurance:( We also realized that if I was the Office person, we couldn't take off on family trips because no one would be left to run the office.
One great tip that I have for couponing is to play the Grocery Game. There is a nominal fee, but someone else shops the sales, tells you what the best deal really is and what coupon circular the coupon is in. All you have to do is print out your list and clip those specific coupons. It is a great money and time saving way to coupon!



answers from Houston on

I decided to be a stay at home before I even got husband and i had our daughter 1 1/2yrs after we got married but i never had to work...we made lots of sacrafices but I would not trade it for anything in the world being a mom and a wife for me is more fulfillng then any other job!! In fact i don't know how mom's work and take care of their family and home...we have just always put our faith and trust in God and we have always came out on top...after we got married and we looked at our bills and our income we were only going to have 50 dollars for play money but somehow we were able to go out eat and to the movies and do others things a few times a month!! And to this day we have never had to live pay check to pay check...we have been married for a little over 4 years and we own 2 houses and my husband doesn't even make that much!! So i say when there is a will there is a way and in the end it all works out!! Good luck if you have any other questions feel free to ask! God Bless!



answers from Waco on

Hi N.,
I can share with you how I have saved money while being at home - extra income is always necessary when starting a new business- especially in this climate of financial downturns across our nation.
It would not be appropriate for me to share my thought on this site but if you will PM me I will give you details. It is a business, but nothing like you have seen before. It has worket for me for over 5 yrs. so if you are interested just PM me.
blessings and good luck with your search



answers from Corpus Christi on

If you and your husband just started a new company and it is still up and going at the start now.It might not be the time to loose a second income. It might be needed. Jobs are hard to come by now, and getting it back may not happen. Think about it more and hopefully it will work out for you. Good luck.



answers from Houston on

Hi, I live in Spring also. I wanted to stay home as well so these are some things my family did. My husband and I took Financial Peace classes (best thing ever!!)we lowered our electric bill by going with Stream, and my most favorite I play the Grocery Game I save 50-60% of our grocery bill check it out (free 4 week trial. Hope these help you! Good Luck!!!



answers from Houston on

Hello I am the Regional Director for Benchmark Family Services, a foster/adopt family agency. Have you thought about becoming a foster parent? This wonderful opportunity allows you to temporarily foster children in your home while you receive a substantial foster parent income for keeping the children. The need for foster parents (single or married) is great. There are children who are being abused and neglected each day and need nurting loving environments. You also have to opportunity to adopt and still receive an adpotive parent monthly incentive for adopting a child. Please take this into consideration and open your heart to children ages 0-17 who need safe homes and earn monthly monetary incentives while you take care of these children like your own. If you have a big heart and want to foster children and earn extra money please contact me at

Benchmark Family Services
20202 Hwy 59 North
Humble, TX. 77338
###-###-#### Office
###-###-#### cell



answers from Victoria on

start saving your monthly check if you can live off your husbands income then you have it covered. this summer would be a great time to test the water too. make a budget, house payment insurance dr bills grocery...if it all adds up to more than he makes or even more than you make together then its time to give dave ramsey a call. we use off brand on a lot of things. there is a store here that is kinda getto but you cant beat the prices Save-A-Lot...i would not buy meat from there though. its really helped us when i lost my job. good luck hope it works out and your home job takes off!



answers from Houston on

Hi N.! I used to be a software developer and I quit my job about 7 years ago. Now, we have four kids and home school too. I was also extremely worried about not having that income anymore. But, I was willing to do whatever it took to stay home with the kids. Cutting coupons, moving into a smaller home, driving an older car, whatever... Thankfully, we never had to do any of that.

It was definitely an adjustment to stay home full time at first... But I'm so thankful I made that decision. I actually found a great team of moms that I joined and I've been able to work completely from home -- part time (10-15 hours). So, that has helped tremendously because I earn a really nice, steady income every single month ($1500+ minimum) and can work around the kids and everything else. We help moms from all over the country and you can visit us at

I hope that helps! :) If you ever need some extra support, feel free to call/email me. It can be a big adjustment to be a stay at home mom, but the rewards are tremendous.

~ Ann
I hope that helps. :)



answers from Houston on

Hi N.,

I am a stay at home (and work at home mom) in The Woodlands, TX. I can definitely relate to your story, though. If your husband is self-employed, maybe one of your biggest questions is insurance coverage? It is a hard decision to make, but I have found that it's been the best one for us. My kids are 12, 9, 3 and baby due next month. You may find that if you do a budget sheet, that you can find a way to stay home. And if you're working at home with the AC biz helps generate several more jobs each month, you may cover the income you made working at the school right there.

Of course my 3 yr. old loves being with me all day, but I have also found the time I am here to help with homework for my 12 year old has been invaluable. Good advise that I got from my aunt (who raised 3 boys) was that in hindsight she felt that her guys needed her more (not less) as they got older and into the teen years. Their attitudes may send the opposite message, but your being there for them when they get home from school and just having a more relaxed schedule means so much to them. I think that if you do make the decision to stay home, you will find yourself still very busy, and very productive. You could even spend time marketing the AC biz when the kids are gone at school. Lots of possibilities! Always a way to do it, if you can plan it out and make a budget. You may even find an idea for your own business, as I did. You can check out my biz website at . Real estate is also another great way to invest and save $ for the future. We have 2 rental properties.

Anyway, sorry to ramble on... I hope my insight helps you!

Good luck!

L. M



answers from Austin on

Don't forget the savings from not driving to work, having lunch out, and work wardrobe as well as any child care expenses. Do the math on it all, pro and con. Be sure your income from the new AC company is stable before you make a big change.
Good luck!

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