Seeking Some Encouraging Books for Friends Dealing with Cancer

Updated on May 24, 2009
M.C. asks from The Colony, TX
7 answers

I have a couple of friends who are dealing with cancer and I would like to put together some "care packages" for them. I would like to include a book that offers encouragement about cancer...preferably written by someone who has survived the illness themself. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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answers from Tyler on

"The Middleplace" by Kelly Corrigan is about her dealing with breast cancer while her beloved father is dealing with Pancreatic cancer. It's very well written, humorous and I love the fact that she writes about thinking all of the horrible things you think about and would NEVER tell anyone about. It sort've sheds a light on the fact that it's okay to sometimes be angry about cancer, you don't always have to put up the brave soldier front. It's easy to read and doesn't try to give advice, so it provides inspiration without being preachy.
Prayers to your friends, they will need a lot of support through their illness.



answers from Abilene on

I know that the Chicken Soup series has some books dealing with cancer.



answers from Abilene on

There is a book by a friend of mine, Randy Becton, who is still surviving 36 years after his first bout with cancer. It is called "Everyday Strength -- A Cancer Patient's Guide to Spiritual Survival." It looks like it is widely available at bookstores and even Target.



answers from Dallas on

Dodie Osteen Healed of Cancer booklet; so encouraging! You can pick one up at Mardel's.
Also, if your friends have not already done this, find support groups for their specific cancers where they live; put a calendar of events in their care package. I can't begin to explain the helpfulness and support from these groups . Oncologist usually do NOT specialize in one cancer, oftentimes support groups have more information on treatments before the doctors. The support group leaders are in touch with doctors and scientists specializing in a specific cancers.


answers from Dallas on

Hi M.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my daughter gave me "Chicken Soup for the Suviving Soul" - it got me and my family through some really tough times. I now give it to all my friends who are dealing with cancer.

What you are doing is such a wonderful thing for your friends! Knowing that people care and are thinking about you during times like this, makes all the difference in the world!

All the best



answers from Dallas on

I'm on the other end of the spectrum. I received several books for encouragement, and the best thing they did for me was to let me know that my friends/family cared enough to buy them. They still sit on my shelf. Haven't cracked even one of them in 8 years. I was young, 24, when diagnosed, so I was more interested in getting back to life, my wedding plans, career, etc.

The only book that was interesting to me was "What your doctor may NOT tell you about breast cancer" by Dr. John Lee. It literally has changed my entire life. If you read my other posts about birth control and other health topics, you can see fingerprints of his compiled research all over them. Reading it gave me back a sense of control over my future. Educating myself about how all the puzzle pieces fit together to form or avoid cancer was so empowering. Funny thing is that I didn't even have breast cancer; I had lymphoma (my treatment was exactly the same as bc, though, weird huh?).

Thanks for thinking of your friends - cancer is an amazing, horrible, life-altering event. I would not have made it through without my friends and family. Remember that they may just want you to hang out more than read a book!




answers from Dallas on

Family Christian Stores has several books to choose from. They also have framed art that is a great encouragement for the individual to see daily and know someone is thinking of them.

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