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Updated on January 23, 2008
C.L. asks from Mount Prospect, IL
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We are looking into sending our 9 year old son to Phantom Lake YMCA Camp in Wisconsin. Has anyone else sent their child/ren (or gone there as a child)? We've checked out the web site, and it was recommended by a family we trust. Since this is the first time we've looked into anything like this, we'd like as much info as possible.

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answers from Chicago on

I attended YMCA camps as a child and have directed YMCA day camps in other parts of the country. I highly recommend their program and philosophy. I suggest that you call the YMCA camp contact number and speak to the Director; ask about the program, staff, and facilities, and camper to child ratio; and how they handle "home-sickness." Also ask if there is a chance to visit the camp or meet the staff; these types of "open house" activities are a great way for your child to meet others attending the camp. Consider how ready your son is for a "stay-away" camp experience.

A little about me:
Mother of 2 grown sons. Former YMCA program director.

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answers from Chicago on

All 3 of my children attended camp at Phantom Lake and absolutely loved it. They talked about camp and the counselors forever afterwards and will be going back again for sure. My neighbor's children have been going for over 5 years and they stay for 2 weeks and the holdover. My children were more independent when they returned home. They were exhausted too, and slept for days when they got home. The good thing for me was my 3 children went the same week!!

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answers from Fort Wayne on

We have a YMCA camp near us and I went with the children on a field day with the kids last year and I was amazed of the values they teach the children there. They even did a interactive skit of the underground rail road since it is part of our areas history. We were so dirty after playing in the dark but the children had a new view about slavery and freedom when we were done. The lessons your son will learn are worth every penny you will spend. Send him to a YMCA Camp. If every child would go to their camps I believe there would be alot less problem children in todays society. SEND HIM!!!

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answers from Chicago on

Hi C.,

I haven't heard much about Phantom Lake (I actually think I went to Girl Scout camp there), but I went to and worked at a camp called Camp Anokijig for about 10 years. They used to be owned by the Racine YMCA but in order to raise money for repairs to their (the YMCA) facility they decided to sell the camp off to developers. That would have obviously meant no more camp and a group of dedicated alumni (including myself) helped raise money to keep it and buy it back from the YMCA. I'm telling you this so you know that it was a YMCA camp as well, and actually it holds the highest accreditation in camp safety - I believe the only one in WI with this. Anyway, there are SO many programs to participate in, everything from archery to water rafting to ranch camp with horses. It's on 300+ acres of forest and has a beautiful lake with boats, fishing, swim classes, etc for the campers. I firmly believe that the experiences I had at this camp have helped make me into who I am today; once our son is old enough he will be attending as well. Before you make up your mind, please take a moment to check out what this camp is all about.

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