Seeking Remedies for MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM a Different Type of Wart

Updated on June 19, 2009
G.M. asks from Pound Ridge, NY
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Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever battled these nasty spreadable germs. My son is 2 years old he has had them since 1-20-09 i have taken him to see his doctor the prescrbe him some cream it didnt work then i took him to see a specialist they prescribed adera cream still useing it not getting better, just spreading.if anyone has advice please share it.

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So What Happened?

So I tried bandaging two different ways. I tried duct tape and I tried regular band aids. I have also tried the potato theory but realized it didnt work and was only for warts and not what my son has. What happened was that they kept in the moisture and it kept the bacteria in the Molluscum alive. They never went away. I tried everything after all the suggestions and became frustrated at the lack of results. Finally, I was deep into research about the bacteria and I found a serum that was the number one best thing to get rid of it. It is specifically for this bacteria and in 2 weeks every single one of them was gone. Now when a new one pops up, it goes away on its own. Its called zymaderm and it is seriously the best thing out there and I am sooooo happy it worked. Here is the website it is worth every penny and it is not even that expensive. You must must must must try this if he/she has it. -G.

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my daughter also had them, i tried all the creams etc. i actually found out that the dr shols disks work, i would use those waterproof bandaids to put over them and leave them on until the bandaids fell off. i am down to one on the inside of her elbow and she had a tun of them.

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Hey G., Please don't think I'm nuts but this remedy has been in my family for years and It works. Depending on where the warts are use your judgement on which is less messier or easier. Take a "RAW POTATOE" cut a thin slice or a small piece of the slice and place it on the wort attached with some type of bandage to hold it on . Or, grate some potatoe and pack it on the area (use alot of it)and cover with gauze . Since he is a child It's best to do it overnight so he doesn't take it off. This remedy has worked for my family for years. Just a little story for ya. I got the idea from the fact that I know it works on skin boils and carbunkles(infected inground hairs). My ex husband use to get them all the time and we would put a small slice of potatoe attached with a bandaid over night. it would extract out the yucky stuff.
So , when my daughter was 11 she suffered second degree burns on her right hand. One day all these warts popped up on the palm of her hand. Warts are caused by a virus, an infection somewhere in the body . They have liquid in them just like those ugly carbunkles my ex use to get and thats how they spread. So I ground up a potatoe and packed it all over the palm of my daughters hand for 2 night before she went to bed and wrapped it real good in a gauze bandage. Within a couple of days she woke up and , I swear they were all gone. Not even a trace that they were even there. Also my present hubby had one on his finger he said was there for years , so we tried a slice on his and the wart fell off. I hope you try this. You'll be surprised and if you do , please write back and let me know if it worked.


PS. I wish I could have read Mary and Andrea's post about
Molloscums. Thats a different thing all together G. If thats what it is.

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my son had them on his face.. and he hated it.. he was 9 at the time.. we went to dr. who offered to take them off.. he did it.. it really didn't hurt.. they kind of sprayed numbing spray.. and she scraped them off.. hisskin healed great.. he is now 13 and he never got them again. My daughter had them on her tummy.. when she was 6.. and they told me it takes 1 - 2 yrs to go away.. and nothing I could do. I tried the medicine over the counter for warts.. and it worked.. i put it on everyday for about 6 - 8 days and they all went away.. hooray.. she is now 10 and has never gotten them again.. good luck

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Hi G..
I had never heard of this until now. I read a few things online about it. My husband has warts, but not of this sort. There are a couple of things that we have done to try to get rid of them and duct tape actually really worked! I looked it up for this type as well and it was also suggested. You can read about it on the wikapedia link that someone under me posted to you.

The other thing that I've been reading about lately is treatment with apple cider vinegar. I actually not that long ago watched a youtube video about how to remove warts with that and then read about it with this type as well. Here is what it says to do:
treating with apple cider vinegar (soak cotton ball in vinegar, place on molluscum, then cover with band-aid for 24 hours. Wart will be gone with only scab remaining)

Anyway, I hope that you will both have some relief from this soon!!! God bless!

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Hi G.,

My daughter had them and I got them off with a natural holistic remedy.

People and kids get warts due to a vitmin deficency.

I did an old organic method from the islands and was able to remove them from my daugther who had them on her forehead.
I feed her one organic (no harmones etc.,) scrambled eggs with sauteed collard greens. Collards are good because you cook them just until they are soft and they do not loose their vitmins - with sliced garlic, sea salt and olive oil.

I feed her that every morning plus, I made her eat a small clove of garlic(it was not easy and I did it with her) also every morning for two weeks.

I than put a pieces of smashed up garlic on the warts, but hide it under a cute bandaide like sponage bob.

Like I said I did this for two weeks and the warts just fell off. I swear. I actually saw one and stared at it - it was gross, but I was so happy it was off my baby.

Also, by the end of the two weeks her hair was so glossy, her skins was soo soft and supple and her eyes shown like new copper pennies.
She didn't smell either. I gave her homemade carrot apple juice to drink, which to her tasted like heaven after the garlic. Squeezed organic carrots with apples to add sweetness counteracts the garlic.

Good Luck.

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