Seeking Reliable Moving Company in Los Angeles

Updated on May 21, 2008
S.K. asks from Portland, OR
6 answers

We are moving to a new apartment in Los Angeles--only 6 miles away from our current apartment. We usually rent a uhaul and do it on our own. Now we have a 5 month old and we're both out of shape! We have no time to do it on our own. Any recommendations for moving companies in the area? We have a two bedroom apartment and mostly cheap ikea furniture.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I just moved myself and we ended up using Excalibur Van Lines from a recommendation from our close friend. They did a great job. I was quoted $78/per hour for a 3 man crew. It took them 5 hours total to move a family of four from a 2 bedroom townhouse into a 3 bedroom house 8 miles away. Of course, packing materials (bubble wrap, tape etc) were extra but they were very careful, did a good job and didn't damage anything. We paid a total of $600 and it was well worth it in my opinion.



answers from San Francisco on

We used FlatRate Moving to move from West Hollywood to Sherman Oaks. They were good. We just got another quote from them to move from here to Northern Ca. They seem reasonable and did a good job.



answers from Los Angeles on

call pedro ###-###-#### get a price before he does the job.



answers from Los Angeles on

Delancey Street moving company. Fantastic job and charges lower than most them. They worked hard and fast on our move.



answers from Los Angeles on

We had a horrible experience with "Starving Students", so horrible it's almost comic, a year on it's starting to seem funny, now that my husband's toe has healed from when they dropped the tv table on it..... I've heard good things about Delancy St. movers- you might want to check them out. Good luck with the move.



answers from New York on

Delancey Street Movers are the best moving company I have ever used and I have moved a lot! ###-###-#### They are reliable, honest, affordable... I can't say enough good things about them. Everyone I know uses them and I have never heard a complaint.

Good luck!

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