Seeking Regular Weekend Playdates for My Almost 2 Year Old Son

Updated on July 17, 2008
T.B. asks from Glendale, CA
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Hello Mom's.

This has been a problem for awhile. I almost gave up even trying. I had posted on Craiglist; talked to those in the congregation; frequent the Saturdays at our library book club; and hit all the parks but still unsuccessfull. This request is probably my 3rd to the last attempt. I'm going to try invitions at my son's daycare and I just found out about indoor playgrounds to investigate.

I'm a single 1st and last time mom - 37 years old - oldest of my siblings who, have no children. The 2nd youngest person in our family to my son is my brother who is now 27 years old. My friends children are in highschool and our lives have become distant because of my new lifestyle. I live in Glendale Ca. - which is mostly Armenian whose culture is very family oriented with so many family members they dont need any stays who dont even speak the language. The fathers family members do not spend quality time with my son. I'm not around any other children or parents.

I recently enrolled my son in a learning geared child care so that he can interact with other children. We have a daily routine and I try my best to keep him busy. I try to incorporate activities he practices at school, while at home. We do signing with Signing Time. We sing, dance, play with Play Duh, bubbles, shaving cream, blocks, puppets, cars, we read, play with balloons, ... Ah HE LOVES BALL. He is a very active Boy Boy. We experiment with different foods. We go to family venues like the free concerts that grand performances provide,... zoo, Kidspace, beach, Descanso Gardens.....

It would just be nice to have a friend he can interact with, practice sharing more, learn from as well - while I also get to share in adult conversation and ideas on parenting. I expose him to Spanish Culture also but all cultures are welcomed and we're always open to new activities and suggestions.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi! T. have you tried mommie and me clubs, also you may try the YMCA they have summer programs where you can participate too. My Kids are older know but my niece has a two yrs old maybe we can invite you to visit. I live in Monrovia,CA and she lives in Duarte,CA. But we do go to the beach offen. So e-mail me maybe we can get together so you can have an adult conversation and he can play with others. My e-mail is to hear from you soon.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi Tammi,
Oh my goodness, there are a lot of resources for you. I totally understand how you feel. I'm newly single with a 5 year old, and it can be challenging sometimes to make play dates when other kids have families and the moms don't really have the same need to meet up.
I have some suggestions for you. - You can search on there for groups that are appealing to you. There are a lot of moms groups.
There is a wonderful meetup group in Burbank that plans tons of playdates and outings and activities. I know a lot of moms in the group have kids your son's age. Go to and search in their for the burbank moms group.

Glendale College Parent Ed Mommy and Me classes - ###-###-####. This is a fantastic program where you'll be in a class where the kids are all the same age, and you'll get to interact and learn and share about parenting stuff. I met some of my now best friends in the program. I can't speak highly enough about it. The teachers are fabulous and it's a lot of fun and very supportive. - I've never joined one of these, but I know a lot of people who have. The groups are created by area and meant to be very local for members. In Glendale, there are a few think, even split up by what part of Glendale.

I hope that helps. Really, I think the Burbank moms meetup group would be just what you're looking for. They have some many things to do and the group seems to really have their act together.

All the best!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Check out your local public adult schools, they offer Mommy and me type classes, great for socializing.

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Hi T.,
Check out No Drama Momma's on line. There are a variety of different groups for mommy and babys for playdates. Being a new mom I have met so many wonderful mommies and there are playdates seven days a week! Also check out terrific la moms. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Dear T.,

Gosh, it must feel really discouraging not having regular playmates (for him AND you!). I really admire you putting yourself out there for your son. You sound incredibly dedicated and energetic.

The mommy and me classes are a great idea- I've heard a number of moms say that's how they got playdates. Pasadena city College offers these classes through their community education side; you have to apply first then register. Pasadena's registration starts in August. This may be similar to the Glendale community college and Burbank schools, too. Here's the website for info for Pasadena's classes (some meet in the evening in case you work during the day):

Have you heard of MOPS? Mothers of Preschoolers- it's an organization for moms that usually meets twice a month during the daytime. You meet regularly with the same group of moms so it's easier to connect. It will start up in the fall but if you are interested I would register now. Here's the website to look for a local group:

You might check out Moms Club (just google moms club glendale).

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on


I didn't get if you work or not. If you are at home, check out the Burbank Adult School. There is an AMAZING mommy and me program that will start up again in the fall! And SO CHEAP!

Also, sign up for Jen's List at too long to explain but the BEST mom resource!

And although it won't necessary connect you to other moms, is a great daily resource for what's going on.

Unfortunately we are moving to Connecticut in a week so a playdate isn't a choice, but hang in there... you'll find moms that you click with!

Good Luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

Sounds like putting him in daycare or preschool full-time is the solution and that he will make friends that way. That is what happened with my son (he's a teenager now) and I. I made friends with his friends' parents as I was a single mom then.



answers from Los Angeles on

i live pretty close to Glendale and have a son that is 28 months old..we could hang out..
our schedule is ..mostly in the mornings we're out and about..til around 2pm..then he naps then we're back out me at



answers from Los Angeles on

I have a 17 months son and would be interested in a playdates. I am 30 years old and I work full time. I live in West LA (not sure if that is too far). However, my son is full of energy. Contact me if you are interested.


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