Seeking Referral for Dermatologist in Plano Re Moles

Updated on July 18, 2007
S. asks from Plano, TX
4 answers

I need to have some moles examined to determine whether cancerous; prefer Plano area dermatologist. Any referrals? Moles stretched a lot during last pregnancy and need to be checked.

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Hi S.,
I took my son to Christie E. Matter, M.D. of North Texas Dermatology, L.C. last year for planter warts on his feet (he was covered in them and couldn't walk). She was wonderful. I really like her and will use her again if I need a dermatologist. She is located on Coit, just south of Spring Creek Parkway. Here is their website:
Good luck,



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I go to Dr. Michael McGuiness and he's great! He's removed 5 of my questionable moles. He's at Windhaven and the tollway in Plano.



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I actually have an appt w/Dr Susan Poliak on Aug 5th which was referred to me by my mother but not from experience. She sees her brother which is an ob/gyn.

She is in Plano off of Coit and 15th I think. Good Luck and I hope this helps.




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Dr. Susan Poliak has been rated as one of the BEST in Texas. My sister-in-law goes to her every 6 months as she is in a high risk category for cancer. Dr. Poliak is extremely comprehensive and very good at detecting pre-cancerous and cancerous moles/lesions/freckles, etc.

She is located in the building connected to the Medical Center of Plano at 15th & Coit. She may have more than one office.

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