Seeking References for Cosmetic Surgery

Updated on September 09, 2007
L.S. asks from San Antonio, TX
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I wanted to see if there are any moms out there that have had breast augmentation or a tummy tuck...Since having my two kids, I've "fallen" and nothing is coming back up! Anyway, I wanted to consult a cosmetic surgeon about fixing the problem, but I want to get as many references as possible...I've heard too many horror stories about horrible doctors!

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So What Happened?

Well thank you for the feedback! I decided to go with Dr. Young and am scheduled to go in for surgery June 26th! Wish me luck!

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I had a breast reduction because of my pregrancy made them really big I really like the surguy I healed really quick I have scars but you can't see them and I am really happy with the way they did it they also made them more pretty looking



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I have not had anything done yet, but what you are looking for is Plastic Surgery. Cosmetic surgery is another beast in itself.

I would go onto the internet and search plastic surgery websites. Look for the board that certifies plastic surgeons.

You can also search for free on this website:

This site will tell you if the MD is board certified, for how long, and if they have any malpractice issues against them.



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Definitely Definitely Definitely GO SEE Dr Robert Young at Aesthetic Enhancements!! I had breast augmentation and rhinoplasty with him and am EXTREEMLY Satified! I ahve referred many friends to hima nd all are very happy! I had NO side effects from the anethesia (sp?) and I healed very fast with minimal pain. He is an excellent surgeon and a true proffesional. He has a dry personality, but is the best in San Antonio, so who cares if he is Mr Personality, or not! I eould go back to him in a heartbeat for anything else. His website is: go check it out! Good luck! L.



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L., I gained 45 lbs with my first child and so decided to get a tummy tuck about 4 years ago. My doctor was Peter Fisher. He also did reconstructive breast surgery on my mother which also involved a tummy tuck. I had 3 consults before I made my decision and he's a bit more expensive than other doctors including Dr. Young but it was well worth it. I didn't think I wanted anymore children but just had another 2 weeks ago and gained 55lbs. but my stomach is flat again unlike the first time. Good Luck!

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