Seeking Recommendation on Nipples for Bottles

Updated on March 26, 2008
A.C. asks from Chicago, IL
7 answers

My sweet baby daughter is having a tough time taking a bottle. She is exclusively breastfed, but we introduced the bottle to her when she was a few weeks old. Unlike my son, she hasn't taken to the bottle at all. On occassion she will take it, but it if very rare. I have loads of frozen expressed milk, and a Mama needs to be able to get out of the house by herself every now and then! :-) Anyway, she often gags when given the bottle and the pediatrician yesterday suggested I try other nipples and make sure they are slow flow. I have been using the Nuk slow flow nipples with my medela bottles. I am not wanting to buy all new bottles, only nipples that will work with the bottles I have. Any suggestions on nipples I should try for babies that are also nursed? Thanks!

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answers from Springfield on

the gerber comfort latch nipple rocks! my sis is a lactation consultant and gave me several when i returned to work. she says the nipples on these bottles are the most, um, lifelike! good luck!



answers from Chicago on

well, if you want bottles that have nipples that are more similar to breastfeeding, you will probably have to buy all new bottles.

The ones I liked best and that my breastfed son liked were the Playtex with the drop in inserts. Helps with gas too cause you can squeeze the air out. I had to make sure and get the natural latch latex nipples though...the silicone ones (clear) are too hard...not like a mother's breast at all. But the latex ones stretch and collapse more like a breast.

With some babies you have to try many different types. Some Moms swear by Avent or Dr. Browns but I don't understand really how those nipples are anything like nursing. You might try buying just one of several different kinds and see what she likes best. Adiri also makes a bottle that is really truly shaped like a breast and I have heard some people have luck with that. Make sure it is the slow flow nipple so that it is most like nursing.



answers from Chicago on

I agree with Kari - try the Breastflow bottles. These were the only ones my son would take until he was really used to the bottle - around 4 or 5 months. Now (6 months old) we use the Medela stage 3 ones without any problems. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

i am not sure what the medela bottle looks like, but both my boys used the gerber comfort latch nipple.... they are larger in diameter than most nipples and i think the kids had an easier time latching onto them.



answers from Seattle on

My 4 month old son had no problems taking the breastflow nipples. It has one extra part to wash, but I don't mind since I have had zero problems with him taking the bottle.



answers from Chicago on


try a cup...

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answers from Chicago on

Hi A., I tried the Nuk nipples too with my son and it seemed like he was liking it, so I of course went out and bought a ton. Sure enough, after a few more tries - he started refusing them. So I started using the Playtex Premium nurser bottles (the ones that use the inserts) that I had leftover from when my first child was born. He loved them & I had no more problems. I should've known - these were the only bottles that worked with my daughter too. Neither of them had a problem switching between breast & bottle when I used the Playtex nurser bottles. I know it's a pain to go buy new bottles, but you might have to try a few new ones until you find one that works. Good luck & yes, try to get out of the house once in a while! :)

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