Seeking Real Estate Agent in Sonoma/Napa Valleys/Neighborhood Suggestions

Updated on March 19, 2011
J.W. asks from Sebastopol, CA
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Hi Everyone,

We are looking for a referral for a good real estate agent in Sonoma and/or Napa Valleys. We will be up in that area to research potential neighborhoods that fit our wish list. does anyone know of a good agent and/or have suggestions on neighborhoods that fit our wish list?

Lifestyle/Community Wish List
Safe area with
• Diversity
• Culture
• Access to quality food and farmer’s markets and good restaurants
• Good public school system or close to private schools
• Clean Air (we’re coming from LA so anything should be an improvement)
• Minimal traffic and would love a city or town where we could walk or bike in order to run our daily errands.

• I just want a safe place for our son to grow up, thrive and be a part of his community.
• My husband and I will both be working from home so commute is not a major factor but we’d love to be able to get to SF relatively quickly and easily.

Thank you and hope you're having a great weekend!

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answers from San Francisco on

I live in Napa and have bought and sold a couple times through Susan Archer She can be to direct for some people but she knows her stuff and gets business taken care of.

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answers from San Francisco on

Not an agent, but i live in Napa.
In the city of Napa, you will find most of what you are looking for. It is diverse, and the cultural scene has been improving with the Opera House, Uptown Theater, and Lincoln Theater is not far. Thriving "foodie" scene with lots of new restaurants (Lark Creek's Fish Story, Morimoto, and Tyler Florence opened Rotisserie downtown). Farmers' market open April or May until late october (Tuesday and Saturday morning). Chefs' Market downtown is Memorial to Labor day (Thursday evening) - it has more entertainment than Farmers' Market.
The NVUSD (public) has open enrollment, so you can request space at many schools - there are 3 (I think) public charter schools and 4 magnet schools. There are several private schools, most affiliated with a religion, except for Blue Oak.
One thing you need to take into account in Napa and Sonoma is that they are primarily agricultural. There will be spraying of the vineyards (mostly sulfur, which you won't really smell but affects some people) and agricultural noises (e.g. fans that are for frost protection). They also do have burn days when wineries can apply for permits to burn canes/vines that are being replaced. These are only a problem during certain times.
Biking is not bad in Napa; there is the Napa Valley Bike Trail, which is being expanded and there are bike boulevards.
Specific neighborhoods to consider in Napa: Browns Valley, Alta Heights, and north Napa (near Bel Aire).
45 minutes to an hour to the City (although it can be more if traffic is bad - it happens).
Yountville and St. Helena are also nice - a little farther north and not as big as Napa (Napa is about 73,000, I think), but I don't know much specific information. I know a little bit about Sonoma. It is a much larger county and has both large and small cities/towns. My husband works in Sebastopol, which is near Santa Rosa, which is quite large.

Feel free to send a message if you want more detailed information.

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answers from San Francisco on

Martha O'Hayer w/ Coldwell Banker in Petaluma. She worked with us and in one month we had our house and she got us a great deal. Very caring and smart! ###-###-#### is cell and is email. Good Luck!

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