Seeking Potty Training Advice - Long Beach, MS

Updated on September 30, 2007
E.V. asks from Long Beach, MS
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My son is nine months yesterday. He began tearing at his diapers and putting up a big fight for changes so we switched to reusable diapers and the potty a few weeks ago.
He can sit to go pp and #2 on his potty when we put him on it. He keeps a dry diaper most of the time - not during sleep. He pats the potty to go, or someone puts him on the potty when he "should" need to go. He is still in diapers 'cause he can't pull his own clothes on yet. He only walks holding onto someone/thing with one hand. Developmentally I don't know the next step, should we keep this up a while? What's next in the training stage?

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answers from Tuscaloosa on

I believe 9 months old is too young to potty train. My daughter is 11 months old and has been fighting changes since she was 8 months old because like the car seat and high chair it is holding a "busy body" in one place and they want to be on the move not patiently waiting for you to change them. Pulling at their diapers because they can now. Its all part of starting to be independent. My nieces/nephews all were not trained until they were almost 3. I definitely plan on my daugter being way sooner than that but to expect her to tell me now before she has reached other major milestones would get in the way of her concentrating on walking, talking, reasoning skills. My mom also said she potty trained my sister at 10 months and brother at 1 year and they were bed wetters until they were 10 years old.

Sorry so longwinded. Just had some thoughts.



answers from Tuscaloosa on

My professional opinion is 9 months is too young. I am studying developmental psychology and child development and family studies.
Check out this developmental website.

At this age they don't want to be still and diaper changes can be challenging, mine would sometimes even pull their own diapers off. The 9 months old body is not mature enough to toilet train, they don't have the necessary muscle control or coordination.

It is ultimately your decision, but it will save you and your baby a lot of stress if you wait.

My oldest was trained at 2 and the twins took a little longer but are daytime trained and working on night time training.


answers from Lexington on

In my opinion 9 months old is too young to try to potty train. My son was pulling at his diapers and fighting diaper changes, but that's normal. Just because he was "tearing at them" and fighting diaper changes didn't mean he was ready for potty training. In my opinion a child isn't ready for potty training until he/she can at least walk. Don't rush it. He will work through the whole diaper thing. Good luck!



answers from Montgomery on

I think that nine months is too young as well. My girls pulled at their diapers (at times would tear them off) and would have preferred to be in none at all. That is normal, because most babies do not want to quit playing to be changed. If you want to continue, you will have to stay at this stage until he can pull his pants down and walk to the potty on his on and can verbalize that he needs to potty. He may not be developmentally ready yet, you are doing everything for him. My middle child patted the potty when she was 6 months, but that did not mean she was ready. Be prepared for him to backslide when he does start walking and running. He may find other things more important than using the bathroom. My girls potty trained easily, but when they started playing and would sometimes wait too long and wouldn't make it to the potty. If you are intent on continuing to potty train, I would just keep up what you are doing until he is walking, can pull his clothes down, go on his own and verbalize his needs. Good luck.



answers from Hattiesburg on

I think 9 months is way too young. My daughter is 2-years-old and she is just getting ready. I know all kids develop differently but i think it's safe to say 9 months is still too young. Kids are going to give hassels during diaper changes and they are gonna take their diapers off, they grow out of it though. Good luck with your potty training.

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