Seeking Potty Training Advice!

Updated on June 27, 2007
T.H. asks from Lowell, MA
5 answers

My daughter just turned 3 and I have been working on potty training casually - not forcing the issue but trying to get her ready for the task. She will be starting a MA Preschool in July and I'd like her to be as close to potty trained as possible - I'd love to hear any ideas of what has worked for others!!!

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answers from Lewiston on

What worked with my girls was giving them a choice when they wanted to go, or if you have 2 bathrooms, which one they wanted to use. But I made it so they had to make the choice to at least try. Something like, "do you want to use the upstairs or downstairs bathroom?" or "do you want to try before or after mommy goes?" Seemed like giving them a choice, made them feel a little more independent. I also tried to catch them each morning, so 1st thing they did in the morning was go into the bathroom. Good luck!



answers from Boston on

kids train when they are ready.. dont push, but suggest she do it with rewards.. don't push it , if she isn't willing it will take a long time



answers from Allentown on

I made (with my children's help) sticker reward charts. Everytime they went they got a sticker and at certain increments they got a prize which they went to the store and chose with me. Make sure the numbers are high. Don't give a prize every time in fact I think ours were 15 or 20 stickers. My kids were potty trained by the time they reached the prize. Good LUCK!!!!!!



answers from Boston on

My son is 2 and a half and we are working on potty training also. He likes to go when ever mommy goes. Also if he has a pull up on he won't go in the potty but if he has his underwear on he will go almost every time. I know it is a little more messy for us parents but it seems to work. And the last thing we do is set a timer for every hour (time would vary depending on how much they drink,or how much they usually go)and when the timer goes off he says "potty time mommy" that way you don't get distracted with life and forget. Good Luck, Potty training takes lots of patience.



answers from Boston on

Hi T., you have a pretty name. Anyways, I was a Preschool Teacher for over 15 yrs. working with ages 2-5.9 yrs. We used sticker charts and a reward box for Potty Training positive reinforcement. Everytime the child "tried" going on the potty we gave them a sticker. And at the end of the day, if they had so many stickers they got to pick out of the reward box. Stores sell sticker charts (online probably) but we used to make them out of paper and cut them into balloon shapes (any shape the child wants is good too). The reward box was full of little toys (Dollar Store stuff or party bag toys). Any positive reinforcement is good. Also, purchasing "pretty" undies that are kept in the package until she's mastered the potty are good too. Good luck. : )

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