Seeking Playgroup for 2-Yr-old Girl in Oak Park

Updated on December 19, 2006
S.B. asks from Oak Park, IL
6 answers

Hey all. I am a new transplant to Chicagoland (from Texas -- good gosh, what is up with snow in October? I know, get used to it, right?). I am currently staying at home taking care of my sweet, mellow 2-yr-old daughter. She needs pals (and so do I)! I would love to meet up with other moms of 2-yr-olds in OP/RF and get the kiddos to play. She goes to an in-home daycare on M and Thurs (so I can go on job interviews), so those are the only days that won't work for us.

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So What Happened?

Thank you, mamasource mamas! I formed a playgroup and it's working out great... I am thankful I was referred to this site by another local mom.

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Hi S.
I have a 3 year old son I don't know if that okay, but he loves liitle girls that all he's surrounded by. I live in oak park I work during the week but we can meet a the library or go on other outings on saturday. Here is my e- mail. if this is something you would like to do. [email protected]
K. H.



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I live near Harlem and addison- also have a 2 y/o dtr
I work full-time but would be available on weekends to get together:)



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Hi S.,

Welcome to Oak Park! While I honestly have no time for additional playgroups at this point, I thought I'd make a few recommendations. First, there is an organization called the Newcomer's Club in OP that has tons of family friendly outings and a weekly playgroup ( Also, there are 2 really great places to take your daughter when the weather is bad and you may meet some mommies/kiddies there. First place is the indoor playground at Ridgeland Commons. Second place is Wonderworks Children's Museum on North Ave. Your daughter will have a blast at both places. Best of luck and welcome!

Finally, I recently saw a posting on Northside Parent's Network for a couple people that were trying to set up a playgroup in OP for kids around your daughter's age. Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll send you their contact info (I didn't want to post it here).



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Hello! I'm a recent stay-at-home mom, back to work part-time 6 weeks ago... and I'm off with my daughter on Wednesdays and Fridays, if you'd like to get together sometime.

About us -
My daughter Eva is 2 and a half, and I'm 37, have lived in Chicago nearly 16 years (except for last year's brief stint in London), but grew up in Northern California. Fairly progressive. Non-traditional family formed by two lesbian moms thru birth and adoption. My partner's daughter - my stepdaughter - is 15 - goes to Oak Park River Forest H.S., is a lot of fun but is hardly home, and has a great relationship with her little sister between social plans. My little one and I love plants, bugs, painting, playing chase, dancing, playing music, reading stories... visiting new places...

Let me know if you'd like to meet up - could do at the Oak Park Conservatory, or Buzz Cafe... or elsewhere.

All the best, and welcome to town,



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I moved to Chicago 4 years ago from Texas. I have a 2 1/2 year old. If you wish to get together to play let me know [email protected]

I am a FT working mom, but my schedule is flexible.



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Welcome to Chicago!!

My daughter is 20 months, she will be 2 in February. We live on the NW side of Chicago (about 15 minutes from OP). If you want to play, let us know!
[email protected]


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