Seeking Plastic Bibs with Snap Fasteners

Updated on August 22, 2008
B.L. asks from Phoenixville, PA
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I am looking for plastic bibs (toddler) that snap in the back and have a pocket in front as this is something our day care asks that the children have. I simply cannot find this type of bib anywhere, and when I asked our daycare, they just said, yes, they are hard to find, but did not give me a resource. Any ideas where I can get some?

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So What Happened?

You all have been WONDERFUL! Thank you for your bib advice! Went to Walmart in Exton today and they were out :( so I ordered them from Dex directly. Those are the ones! I never ever would have found them! Thank you everyone for responding! :)

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I saw these at Walmart in Exton just the other day. They have a snap closure and a snap mechanism that creates a pocket at the bottom. They clean up well in the wash too.

They are sold unsnapped so maybe you didn't recognize them as pocket bibs.

They are marketed by Walmart and say Snack Time on them. There is an orange border as well.

Good luck.



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I have found them at Babies R Us in Exton. They have the plastic ones that snap and the more flexible ones that Velcro. Both of theses have the pockets in the front. I personally hate the ones that snap.



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I remember seeing them in the One Step Ahead Catalog, they also have a website I bought one awhile ago at Baby Supermart in Springfield (I think) but I think they have a website too.



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Hi B.-- Those kind of bibs are my favorite. sometimes you can find them at Wal-mart but it's hit or miss. I bought mine on line at You can find them at other web sites too. The brand name is Dex and it's the "Dura bib". I hope this helps. C.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi B.,

I LOVE those bibs!! I found mine at Walmart and KMart. They are great. They're about $4-5 and well worth it. I had never seen them before and found one at Walmart and decided to try it out - soooo glad i did. I actually bought some for the daycare I work in. Good luck!


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