Seeking Places to Go Sledding in Allen Park Area

Updated on November 30, 2007
C.F. asks from Allen Park, MI
4 answers

I was wondering if anyone knows of any places to go sledding this winter. Its been years since I last went and I don't remember where they were. If someone could clue me in as to where the hot sledding spots are my 4 year old and I would greatly appreciate it.

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answers from Detroit on

If you can drive over to Dearborn there is a great sledding hill at a Park on Cherry Hill Road called
"Ford Field". It's a really popular place for
kids and moms and dads and the hills are good, but
not too scarry for a 4-year old. Enjoy !!!



answers from Detroit on

Dearborn High School(on outer drive) I can't think of what they call the field itself. They have a pretty decent hill. My kids love it and so does my husband. Also dont forget about all of the hill on hines. Or the old garbage hill on Hines if you want a big one.



answers from Detroit on

The very best place in this entire area to go sledding is in Ford Field, in Dearborn. It is the largest piece of land perfect for sledding in at least a 20 mile radius. Seriously.

Dearborn's Ford Field Park can be accessed off of Brady Street, north of Michigan Avenue in west Dearborn. If you park and walk through the bridge- look straight ahead and the vast open space and gigantic hills laying before you.Check out the map on this website. You can access the hills directly by driving up Cherry Hill, I believe.


I've been taking my 4 year old there every year since he was one. There are 90 degree hills for older kids and smaller ones for the little guys. It is perfect for the whole family.



answers from Detroit on

What about Taylor Parks Elementary, it's a block or so north of Ecorse & West of Pelham/Allen. That's where we always went as kids....

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