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Updated on June 14, 2007
A.H. asks from Cibolo, TX
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I just moved from Houston and I am looking for a new Pediatrician and OB GYN (female)either in the Shertz/Cibolo or Stone Oak area. I really do not care where they are located as long as they are GREAT Doctors. Being from a big city, I do not mind the drive. Any input would be helpful!

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answers from San Antonio on

I absolutely LOVE my OB and my Pedi. They're both in the Stone Oak area.

My OB is Dr. Gail Van Wingerden with Riverwalk OB/Gyn. She's located in the Remington Oaks office building next door to North Central Baptist Hospital. Check out their website at

My Pedi is Dr. Courtney Marburger with San Antonio Pediatrics. They're located off Stone Oak Pkwy as well. The number there is ###-###-####.



answers from San Antonio on

i moved to new braunfels while i was pregnant with my third child. i shopped around and found the BEST OBGyn. her name is DR. Shannon Galliger at the seven oaks womens center. she delivers at methodist hospital and i drove there all the way from new braunfels. she is so nice and great and that office is kid friendly. (can you believe one of the doctors i tried didnt allow kids in the waiting room? if you had kids with you, you had to wait in the HALLWAY?! needless to say i never even saw the doctor, just turned and left).



answers from San Antonio on

Hi there, we just moved to the Schertz/Cibolo area 3 months ago. I am expecting our 5th child, and moving during pregnancy can be difficult. I found an OB at Women's Partners (they have an office in Schertz, right off of 3009 and 35) Anyhow, Dr. Olvera was my DR. I did not care for her one bit. She was cold and rude. On my first visit to her office she asked me if I was having my tubes tied, when I told her I was undecided, she told me that she could recommend me to a good psychiatrist. She was also rude to my children in the 2 office visits that I saw her for. They also want you to see each of the Doctors in the practice during your pregnancy and that means you don't get to know any of them that well, plus you spend over half of your appointments at the office next to NE baptist hospital. I would not recommend this practice. I have switched to NE OBGYN, Dr. Elizabeth King. She is very personable, they have an office over in this area, and another in the Stone Oak area. She has been great and is going to deliver our 5th baby in a couple of weeks. Our pediatrician is Dr. Courtney Marburger. She is very nice and has so far been very good to the children. There is often a long wait, but we like her, so it is ok. Good luck with your move!



answers from San Antonio on

I have a fantastic Pediatrician that If I lived 100 miles away I would still bring my daughter to him. He has a common sense approach, and really listens to moms. He however, and his partners are in Stone Oak area...but here is his info if you want to try them: ABCD Pediatrics-- Dr. Schlosberg-- 19238 Stonehue
San Antonio, TX 78258###-###-####--and I know that they are excepting new patients. The OB/GYN I see is in Schertz (female) Dr. Debra Williams (there are several other partners also)their contact info is: Women Partners in OB/GYN 5000 Baptist Health Drive, Suite 100 Schertz, Texas 78154 ###-###-####. I hope this helps.

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