Seeking Other Lesbian Moms..:)

Updated on March 15, 2009
J.C. asks from Kenmore, WA
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I am looking for other lesbian moms in the area to maybe start a support group with, or at the very least, chat with and share ideas and maybe play dates with the kids:):)

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There's a pretty active lesbian moms group on

My wife and I live in S. Seattle and have a two year old. I'm always up for getting together.

Hi Sabia :)



answers from Seattle on

Will "bi" qualify to chat and share ideas, anyhow? ;)

I've got a 12yo, 9.5yo, and 6yo right now, and we all train at Quantum Martial Arts in Seattle ( I highly recommend it for a good, supportive community with many members in the GLBT community as well. I did a review for the school on, and the website has a lot more information, too.

Hope your day is great!



answers from Seattle on

This isn't a response to your post, but I wanted to respond to your "about me" section regarding your daughter's desire to dance. I, myself, have always wanted to dance -- anything I could (ballet, modern, jazz, whatever). My mom put me into one or two classes, but they were through community centers with adults, which isn't much fun for a 10 year old. I'm now 32 and my desire to dance still isn't yet fulfilled. My point is, if your daughter wants to dance, encourage it. If you have the means, take her to a dance studio. She may also like karate, but the best thing for her is to encourage her to do the things she already has an interest in. She will love it.



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Another comment on the activities: check your local community center, the lynnwood one has karate and dance, which my daughter is just starting!

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