Seeking Opinions on Coco Key Vs. Key Lime Cove Water Park/Resort

Updated on January 06, 2009
M.V. asks from Dundee, IL
4 answers

Has anyone visited Coco Key or Key Lime Cove Water park? I would like to take my children there but can't decide which place looks nicer. I visited both websites and both look fine. I am looking for opinions on both places. Has anyone stayed at either place and used the water park??

Thank you,

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answers from Chicago on

Hi M.,
I took my daughter to Coco Key last winter (she was 2 going on 3) and we had a blast. The water park is amazing. There are tons of things for kids and adults. We booked a room and the Sheraton is really nice. It is an older hotel but they have done a great job keeping it up. There is also a regular pool and hot tub for guests of the hotel only and it was nice to go there when the park was busy and we just wanted to get away. There was only one other family in the guest only pool. I highly recommend it!
The room I booked came with 4 waterpark passes and it was under $200.00.
Let me know if you need any more info.



answers from Chicago on

We've been to both and they're both great. I prefer the Coco Key in Rockford to Arlington Heights because it had a slower lazy river for my daughter, who at the time was 3.

We liked Key Lime just a little better because it's more of a vacation experience. We've never stayed over at Coco Key, just did day passes, but at Key Lime you really feel as if you're on vacation at a tropical resort. We went for only one night and it felt like we were on a cruise ship or at an exclusive resort.

And there are lots of things for kids to do there with the arcade and arts and crafts, cupcake making, story time, etc. My daughter is 4 and she loved everything it had to offer. Plus, the rapids and the huge kiddie section makes the place seem to have something for everyone, in comparison to the waterpark in Elmhurst, which has lots for littler kids and adults but not much in between.



answers from Chicago on

We have been to Key Lome Cove and really liked it!!!! Great water park for all ages. They have activites as well like Story time, cupcake making, and treasure hunts. They also have a coloring room open all days that is really nice. WE have not been to CoCo Key however I believe it is smaller and it is older as well.



answers from Chicago on

Hi M.,

Myself and some friends took our kids to Coco Key and we had a great time. Our kids ranged from 2-8 years old. I definitely have to say its best for kids ages 4 and up although there is still an area for the little ones to play, but since its really not that big, even the older ones seemed to get bored quickly. If you are planning on staying over night, I would say one night would be enough. That's what we did and I think the stay was perfect. Two nights would have dragged! Hope this helps! Have FUN!

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