Seeking Ophtamologist (MD) near West Seattle, WA

Updated on December 29, 2010
K.M. asks from Seattle, WA
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My 17 year old daughter has been diagnosed by an optometrist as being legally blind and joked with her about getting a seeing eye dog after her recent check up. Although he didn't refer her to a specialist, her vision has degenerated since her last visit a year ago. My husband and I are alarmed that the OD didn't recognize her loss of vision important enough to call us or to refer her to a specialist. I am not able to locate a pediatric DOCTOR of ophthamology. She is too young for lazik surgery and I doubt that is the answer to this progressive degeneration of her vision anyway. Suggestions?

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So What Happened?

Thank You each and everyone. I have an appointment for my daughter with an Ophthalmologist MD on Monday. Turns out the Polyclinic has specialists in many various fields of medicine and they are preferred providers with my insurance. I will let you know how this visit goes...maybe the information will help another. I didn't know this web page even existed until last weekend...I'm grateful its here and that you all utilize it. K

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Eye Associates Northwest ###-###-#### are located on Madison in Seattle. I have been going to their Northgate office for close to 20 years and believe that their opthamologists are very good. I believe that if anyone can diagnose your daughter's problem and treat it, they can.



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Have you tried calling your insurance provider or checking out their list of providers? I always get the two confused so I don't want to recommend anyone to you that wouldn't be helpful but your insurance company should be able to help you.

Also, I don't know if they cover this specialty but there's 1-800-Doctors. They may be able to help also.

I'm also in West Seattle and you may want to post a question to the WSBlog forum. You may find someone there that can help you.

I would like to know who you saw as that level of cavalier attitude I would prefer to avoid. I'd appreciate even a private message with a name so I don't give this person our family business.

Hope that helps!
C. WAHM to ~5 y/o virtual twins



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You should get two different opinions to learn all options. See Dr Cadera in Seattle, who is a pediatric OMD, he will look at the health of the eye to see if there is any eye diseases that are leading to the progression of the prescription medically. If there is nothing of medical concern then see a developmental/pediatric optometrist, Dr. Gabrielle, in Kirkland, she will look at how the eyes team and focus to determine if there is a functional cause that is leading to the progression of the prescription. There are genetic and environmental and functional and medical reasons for the prescription to change. Good luck!



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Get a different doctor. Ask him to refer a different doctor. Ask your regular doctor to refer you. Call your friends and see if they have any referrals. Call the Seattle Center for the Blind.



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Thank Heaven for good parents. I am so grateful on behalf of your daughter that you are a great Mom-- ( I'm also furious with the insensitivity and lackadaisical attitude) ==. ) Sorry, will stop sputtering. Northwest Eye Surgeon is the name of the clinic I see ( near Northwest Hospital in the Northgate area of Seattle) - and they are stupendous. They can either make an appt or give you a reference to a clinic or center near you- .

( still sputtering)

Old Mom - aka J. -- at 63 - with 20 years of insulin-dependent diabestes vision is a HUGE issue for me- there is excellent help in the Seattle area- call Children's Hospital for a referral - they can tell you - also.


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