Seeking OBGYN / Hospital in Brooklyn (Park Slope Area)

Updated on May 15, 2008
J.G. asks from New York, NY
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I’m currently seeing an OBGYN in NYC at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Recently my husband and I moved to Park Slope and I was considering looking for a good OBGYN and Hospital there… seems like it might be a bit easier and I’m not particularly attached to my current Dr. and have mixed thoughts about the hospital. I’m also looking at midwives too… but I need to find somewhere that my insurance will cover which narrows my options. Like many others on the site I’m looking for a place with a low rate of C-sections. I would love any references/thoughts/opinions so I could research this further. Thanks!

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answers from New York on

I would suggest the Park Slope Midwives
Park Slope Office
502A 9th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
I've been going to the for years to get all my OB-GYN care.

I also I would recommend Methodist Hospital for OB-GYN care



answers from New York on

I would NOT recommend Methodist hospital. I had a horrible experience there. First of all I did have a c-section (so I wouldn't recommend my Dr. in Brooklyn) and I told the staff I was planning on breastfeeding but when I was in recovery they didn't bring the baby down for me to breastfeed and then I found out that they gave the baby 2 bottles of formula while I was in recovery. Then the first night I was planning on letting the baby stay in the nursery at night except for when he needed a feeding but after the first feeding I called the nurse and asked for someone to come back and get him and no one did. The only time I didn't have the baby was when the pediatricians came in the morning so if you want to try and get some rest your first day as a mother you won't get it there. I also had a bug in my bed and was up the first night sitting in a chair with the baby because I didn't want to go back into the bed and no one would do anything about it until a relative of mine who works in the office of the hospital went and got a head nurse and then they just changed my room and the next day as I was talking to someone there was another bug crawling up the wall next to my bed. It was disgusting. There is more but I think that is enough to deter you from choosing that hospital. :)



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I believe (my dr.) Dr. Mark De Fazio has a park slope office. I go to his Dyker Heights Brooklyn, location. You can call that location and ask for the direct # to the park slope office ###-###-####. He's associated with Methodist Hospital. I have two kids love my dr and had really great treatment in the Hospital. There are three brothers in the practice, all wonderful, but Dr. Mark is my favorite! ;) Good Luck!



answers from Glens Falls on

Hi there,

I had a midwife in Brooklyn who did a great job. Check out She has various delivery options: home, birth center and hospital. Wish I lived closer to her (I'm in Queens)but we managed. She was very helpful with my insurance company, too. (Atlantis)



answers from New York on

I also gave birth at Methodist Hospital and I was very happy with my experience. I had a c-section and the staff were very pleasant, made me comfortable and took good care of my son. My OBGYN is Gary Fiasconaro, who I was also very happy with. He really put me at ease. I've heard through the rumor mills that he had a high rate of c-sections, but I was okay with that..



answers from New York on

Hi J. -

Call Abby & Stacey at Clementine Midwifery. They're on 9th in Park Slope and deliver at LICH. I used them, as have many friends, and they are WONDERFUL. I really can't say enough about them. They will refer you to someone equally fabulous if they don't accept your insurance. The number is ###-###-#### and their website Tell them T. sent you.

Just an aside - for what it's worth, I started out with an OB/GYN and switched to Clementine in my 7th month of pregnancy. The difference in the quality of care and attention I received was stunning. In my experience, the paradigm used by midwives and that used by ob/gyns is completely different. I began to feel as if my ob/gyn was looking at my pregnancy as a medical condition that needed to be "managed"...something could go "wrong" at any moment. My midwives, on the other hand, saw/see pregnancy as a natural process that the body & spirit are designed to handle effectively. Feel free to get in touch off line if you'd like to hear more about my experience.

All the best to you!



answers from New York on


Check out the Brooklyn Birthing Center, it's a free standing birtthing center with midwives. I had my daughter there 9 months ago and was very happy with our care. I think the website is I think they take most insurances. I'm not sure of the name of the neighborhood, but it's close to Park Slope, we live in Fort Greene and it never took us long to get there.

Hope this helps,


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