Seeking Nutritionist or Resource to Plan Meals for Gestational Diabetes

Updated on January 02, 2009
B.D. asks from The Colony, TX
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a nutritionist to help me plan for my diet and meals with gestational diabetes? This is a new challenge for me in my third pregnancy and I'd like help doing what I can so my baby can be born in the best health.

Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for the advice and tips! I've been nervous because my initial glucose test was done on the last possible week and I tend to deliver early, so I don't have as long to handle this by diet. I took my initial glucose screen a week ago and my OB told me to eliminate sugars and severely limit carbs because I already showed symptoms of having it (extra amniotic fluid and at 20 wk sono the baby's stomach had been growing faster than the rest of her). I got my glucose test results when I posted this and it was 137, right under the 140 cutoff, so I took the 3 hour test on New Year's Eve. With the holidays, I won't get the results until next week. I'll make sure that I get hospital/nutritionist referrals when I'm there. Thank you all so much!

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My husband is diabetic. When diagnosed we took a short class at presbyterian hospital that showed us the correct portions by his weight and height, etc... of carbohydrates, protein and fats at each meal. It's not about sugar really. We were told to keep meals 4-6 hours apart and any snack in between should be 2 hours from the meal. Once he started eating like this, which is how all of us should eat, he felt better than he had felt in years!
Insurance paid for the course (only 2 meetings) and I bet it will for you too.
Best of Luck!

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This is something you definately do not want to face without help. I'm surprised your OB didn't send you to anyone already. Mine sent me to a diabetes clinic associated with Baylor (where I delivered). My insurance covered this and the meter I needed to test my blood (which is not bad at all). The nutritionist worked up a plan for me based on my age, weight, pregnancy, etc. and also showed me how to test my blood, when to test it, etc.. I would keep records of my food intake and blood sugar levels. They really taught me a lot. I would talk to your Dr to see who he or she recommends asap. Good luck!

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When I had gestational diabetes my OB sent me to the Center of Lifestyle Enhancement at the Medical Center of Plano. Their phone number is ###-###-####.

We met with a nutritionist and a nurse at each visit. The nutritionist taught us some great meal and snack ideas as well as how to read food labels. The nurse talked to me more about diabetes itself.

If Plano is too far to go, I'm sure a hospital near you has something similar.

Good luck!

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My OB sent me to someone the help. I had to track my food and what my numbers were when I checked, and take those so my OB could see them. Talk to your OB, he should be able to help you.

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Please see a nutritionist immediately. I was diagnosed with gest diabetes 13 years ago, back when they didn't send you to a nutritionist. My doctor just told me to get lots of rest and limit my sugar intake.
I had no clue at that time that flour and rice products turned into sugars in my body so I put both my daughter and my self in a life threatening situation. When I arrived at the hospital in labor, my glucose was through the roof! They had to do an emergency C-section to take out my
11 1/2 pound daughter. I would think that now days, all insurance companys would pay for a nutrionist. The best of luck to you!

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