Seeking "Nude" Color Thermal Top for Under Halloween Costume

Updated on October 21, 2008
A.H. asks from Sacramento, CA
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I meant to order this top from the Leaps & Bounds catalog on October 1st. I procrastinated, and now they are sold out! Does anyone know where else I can get one? My daughter wants to be a mermaid this year, and of course doesn't want to wear a sweater or something over the costume!

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So What Happened?

We have a leotard from dance class, but I didn't think it was warm enough for trick-or-treating in the night. I didn't think of the idea to layer a thermal top UNDER the leotard! We are going to try this now and see if it isn't too bulky for her. Thanks everyone!

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Not sure about a thermal top, but you could certainly get her a long sleaved leotard at any dance shop. You probably won't find one that is "thermal" but it should do the trick.


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Thea has a great idea and I would like to add to it. If the leotard isn't think enough to keep her warm, you can get it a size larger and add a thermal top underneath it! Just an idea, if warmth is what you need!



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my mermaid wore a long sleeve nude leotard...

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