Seeking Non C-section Happy Doctor in DeLand Area

Updated on December 07, 2008
E.L. asks from Deland, FL
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I was wondering if anyone who has had mulitples in the DeLand area actually had a doctor who wasn't immediately ready to give you a C-section? I had a homebirth with my last child, and had been seeing a midwife to have another, but its illegal for a midwife to deliver twins at home in the state of Florida! I'm so upset over it all. So, now I have to go to the hospital AND find a doctor who won't skip giving me the chance to deliver vaginally. I've already had two children without drugs and vaginally so I know I can do it. Anyone who has personally been through this would be great to hear from. I need someone who won't pull a bait and switch on me by saying they'll let me try, but when the time comes tell me its time for my C-section.

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answers from Daytona Beach on

Did you ask your midwife if she could deliver at the hospital with the attending dr's supervision. that might be a possiblity. My family dr. is dr feldman in deland. his wife is the nurse/arnp/midwife. i didn't use them for delivery of my children but his wife is very nice and personable and they have children. the other drs i know of are brooks and gelman(sp?) and dr. larain (who i used) i had c-sections with both of my children (my first was breech and really high up, and dr larain had another dr working for him the second time who told me i had to have a c section (which i wanted because od the possible problems) but those are the dr's i know about.



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Hi E.
Congrats on the twins!!! I had a med. free birth w/ my son....and went the longwood hosp. There they let me do everything I wanted to do....I did not even use an I-V for any fluids....I drank water/ice chipps & ate fruit to keep sugar levels up!!! My midwife works @ Advanced women health in deltona....they have 3 locations and only use longwood and altamont hosp. The dr. that had to help us...let me do it my way!!! No druggs!!! pls ck them next child I would love to have at hm. Good luck & god Bless...J. j



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Advanced Womens Health in Deltona delivered all three of my boys. They have a midwife that delivered one of mine. She was awesome and I loved her. Her name is Susan. I also like Melissa, one of the ARNPs in the office. Dr. Parker delivered one of my boys too. He was awesome!! I live in DeLand and drove over b/c they were so awesome!



answers from Daytona Beach on

Definitely get all the referrals you can from mothers who have had their doctors encourage natural deliver. And, please be reassured that not ALL MD/OD's meet the generalization of being scalpel-happy.

Many years ago, before the current, strong advocacy AGAINST non-natural, drug-sedated, C-section-happy birthing, many doctors knew that, all-in-all, childbirth is a natural process, performed daily world-wide by women without medical intervention. Many doctors knew then, as more do now, that their REAL job is to be the one with the knowledge, skills and training to know when things are going normally and encourage and support.

10 years ago+, when a daughter-in-law went through over 36 hrs of labor, her mother pleaded with the doctor that her daughter "c(ould) not take any more". (Of course, what she meant was SHE couldn't take any more.) Anyway: the DOCTOR was the one who stood up for natural delivery. Soon-to-be gramma was pleading for a C-section, and Dr was saying, everything is going fine. She CAN do it - and YOU (gramma) need to calm down! (We won't discuss whether the doctor CAUSED the long delivery by giving injections that slowed delivery...YOU are better informed and your midwife WILL be with you and - well...THAT won't be a problem, will it?)

Do your homework. Be sure you can trust the MD. Be sure your midwife is well respected by your MD. Know that, with a 3rd (and 4th - congratulations!) delivery, you are definitely MORE, not less, able to delivery vaginally. And ask your midwife to be your (strong) advocate in the birthing room to assure that, if the worst occurs and the MD is advocating a C-section, to make sure SHE is convinced - and then - because she IS convince, to reassure YOU that it is a GOOD thing you are in the hospital. The worst is not going to occur. You've already delivered vaginally and proven your "equipment" works just fine!

My daughter (in training to be a doula), was broken hearted at being told her first child was to be a c-section (breech). While, now we can know it probably wasn't necessary (now that she has delivered a 2nd vaginally), no one, not even she, was willing to risk having the baby's head stuck in the birth canal with the umbilical cord's oxygen supply cut off and baby unable to breathe. When my third child (my daughter, in fact) was breech, we had already proven that babies' heads fit through that place head first, and, while there were some urgent moments between birth of butt and birth of head - no c-section was even considered.

In these stories, no MD's ever TALKED about c-sections - except for the one that occurred.

Do your homework. Then relax - if your two children will give you chance. Because after delivery, your hands are gonna be full!!!! :-)

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