Seeking New Activity for My 12 Month Old

Updated on September 25, 2008
J.O. asks from Orlando, FL
13 answers

Hello! my daughter and I are looking for a new activity. We just finished Safe Start swim lessons - so now we need something new. She is like seconds away from walking so I was thinking maybe I would wait for that and then do a gymnastics/movement class with her. Any suggestions on that? Or maybe a music class....I dont know! Any classes you all loved and would like to recommend to me? Looking forward to your response. Thanks!!

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answers from Port St. Lucie on

Don't know where you live but there is a My Gym in Port Saint Lucie and I believe in WPB that has baby gymnastics. My daughter loves it. The website is


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answers from San Francisco on

Hi, Kindermusic and/or Music Together. My-Gym (my daughter loves this). It's never too early for art. Gymboree has an art class but I'm not sure of the age group. I would keep her swimming. My daughter loves her swim lessons (she's 2 and has been taking them since she was 3 months old). You could try a mommy/baby yoga class. check out Good Luck!



answers from Burlington on

I have been taking Kindermusik classes with my 16 month old daughter since she was six months old and we absolutely love it! The summer sessions are getting ready to start, if you go to, you can find a class near you. I live in Orlando but go to a kindermusik class in Kissimmee because I love the instructor.



answers from Orlando on

Have you considered Gymboree?
They have some wonderful age-appropriate structured play and music classes. I took my son to their Baby Signs class when he was about your daughters age...and we now use a lot of signing for communication (it was also a lot of fun).

They'll even let you try out classes for free.

I don't know where you live, but the location we went to was on Aloma and 436 in Winter Park...



answers from Miami on

Hello! My daughter and I go to "My Gym". There is one in Kendall (where we go) and one in Doral. We LOVE it! The people there are so friendly and the classes are great. I highly reconmmend yall try it!



answers from Orlando on

My 28 month old twins and I enjoy going to Kindermusik classes!! They have been doing this for about a year now and LOVE it!! At your daughter's age we did a couple of My Gym classes too. There are so many classes out there, you'll just have to pick what you think that she'll be interested in. Good Luck!!



answers from Miami on

I attend a music and movement class with my 14 month old and we really love it. They have classes during the week and Saturdays. The instructor, Lourdes, super sweet and is great with the kids. check out their website if you're interested.

Good luck,




answers from Naples on

Hi, I take my 11 month old son to Gymboree Play & Music. They have all different classes to choose from. We have been enrolled since he was 3 months old and have gone to Level 1, 2, and 3 classes along with Baby Yoga. I was thinking in enrolling him in the Music class but it wouldn't work out with our schedule. He loves going there and I can tell a big difference when he's gone there one week opposed to a week where we didn't go. HTH



answers from Orlando on

Hi J.,
I'm not sure what area of town you live in, but if you are near East Orlando, you are welcome to check out one of our Kindermusik classes for free to see what you think! Here's our website: We are holding a free demo on Wed June 13th at 10:30am. The session begins the following Monday. If you are not in that area, Kindermusik is wonderful, so you can go to, and click on "find a class" to find a program closest to you (there are some almost everywhere!)
All the best,



answers from Punta Gorda on

Try Gymboree or my gym. I don't know where you live but I case the one in Lakeland is having a promotion now for the summer for new customers, you get unlimited classes for $69 per month from june 1 to july 31 in your level. Also you get open 2 dyas a week.
Also the YMCA has class for babies.



answers from Fort Myers on

Hi J.,

I just read your request and may have a suggestion for you. I currently teach music and movement classes for children ages birth through kindergarten with their parents. It is in the Gateway area and the name of the program is called Music Together. The name of my business offering it is called True Music Studios. I can give you additional information about the program and my background and experience if you are interested. I offer free preview classes for families to try before committing to the class. You can email me or if you would like to speak to me on the phone, email me and I'll give you my number or you can give me yours.

By the way, love your domestic goddess title - LOL!

S. True



answers from Fort Myers on

I don't know where you live, but I take Kindermusic classes with my baby girl since she was 7mo old she is now 3 years old and we still go, we have so much fun, the music is wonderful!! and the activities are too!! I love it!!

Good luck.



answers from Fort Myers on

I just love taking my daughter to Gymnastics World. I found that paying for the class was a bit pointless at this age so I take her to open gym once a week on Weds. at 10am. She just loves it and the cost is $8.00.

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