Seeking Moms Who Have a Dificult Teenager in the Modesto Area

Updated on March 28, 2007
C.T. asks from Modesto, CA
7 answers

I am looking for advice from a mom or moms that are dealing with a teenager that has been diagnosed with being bi-polar, she is also using drugs and drinking as a way to escape her emotions.

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answers from Sacramento on

I do not have a child with bi-ploar but I worked at a group home for the mentally ill for years and I now work with developementally disabled adults where some consumers have bi polar. It is very unusual for a child to be diaginosed with bi polar, usually they go through puberty and then they are dignosed. read as much as you can on the matter because it is very serious and life long. there are many sites on the internet, there are a million books on bi-polar in the library and support groups in many areas. Be informed and be ready for whatever is going to come your way because it changes day to day. It is very hard on a person going through all the highs and lows, I would imagine it is even harder for a child that has no control over their life or the situation.
Good luck to you!



answers from Modesto on

I have no idea what its like to be the mother of a bi-polar child but I do know what its like to be a bi-polar teen. Watch her, not to the extent that youre hovering but she needs to be medicated and on the right meds and you may be able to help her determine if shes on the right one and believe her when she says they make her feel ill the right one wont. she may not know how to tell you what shes going through but listen and dont asume that because youve been sad that you know what shes going through Its a deep dark nothing hole and its painful. good luck and make special time for your other kids or they will hate her for taking all the attention(my sis still thinks I faked it for attention).



answers from Los Angeles on

My ex-husband has bi-polar disorder. At times it got down right scary. I went to counceling and was told to read the book "The Bi-polar Child". I can't remember the author, but I am sure has it. I haven't picked it up yet, but it is suppose to have warning signs and recommendations on how to handle it. Hope that helps.



answers from Bakersfield on

we undestand your point our son is terrible when he is abset and he even have to go to see a doctor, they recomend us pills we are not good for have our children under the influence of medication the point be patiente, he is 14 and tall 6.1
Iam 5.1 and he yells me in my face and still a talk to him andask him his trouble, he is easy overreactive a bi-polar, he hits our doors and we content him, my point he is our son and not medication gonna help hiim and nobody other teen if he dont have someone to listen when we want to talk, he even call the police against me, and the police came and talk to him and me and he start to get the point am not his enemy, help her to be at sports or any other activity, our son is in drumline, marching band and plays futboll and also beisbol
but please is just my opinion



answers from San Francisco on

Well my name is M. & I am a mother of three BEAUTIFUL girls & one BOY on the way :)none of my kids have it but I had it growing up I was diagnosed w/ bi-polar & ADHD they said it was from severe trama I had a very hard life growing up I was put in the system when I was about 11yrs old the only thing I can tell you is don't give up she will get better w/ time I did I live a nice life now but it took alot of talk & venting to strangers ( counslers )there is something that happend that shes not talking about & for me it was the same way I didn't get better untill I finely told my bad secrets to someone
but like I said she'll get better have faith & let her know every day just how much you love her & just how important she is to the family thats what my social worker tim did & we are still very close he is the only parent I have anyways I don't know if any of what I said helped well I hope you have a great day keep faith & I'll keep you in my Prayers :)

~~~ M.



answers from Modesto on

Hi C.,
Im a mother of five girls ages 19, 17, 14, 13 and 7. my 19 year old put a few grays in my hair. She's been to juvenile hall and to the CYA in Camarillo for three years. She just got out in late December and now she is backsliding. Yes, I have been through a lot but you just got to keep dusting urself off and keep walken forward. I'm feelen what ur going through believe me. She has ADHD and depression. Feel free to contact me.



answers from Austin on

Dear C.,

My son's father who I've known since we were both 13, is bi-polar so I have learned a great deal about it over many many years. I myself have battled depression for years. I recently read a fantastic book called "Postpartum Depression for Dummies" by Dr. Shoshana Bennett. It is great in that it is so clear and simple and answers all the question you could think of. She also talks about depression and mood disorders such as bi-polar. She has found an amazing all natural organic nutritional system that feeds the brain everything that it needs to feel happy and well and function at full capacity. It has what the brain needs to make neurotransmitters like serotonin, ocytocin and dopamine which keep us balanced, I have been taking it for a month and it works! I feel wonderful. My partner saw what it did for me and he started it 5 days ago and he felt results right away. Below is what Dr. Bennett says about it in her book. You can even call her, she is sssoooo nice to speak with and so generous with her time and knowledge. Best of luck, C.


I’ve always had a deep interest in nutrition and feeding the body what it naturally needs for optimum functioning (including brain functioning). A healthnut since the 60”s, I’ve tried every way of healthful eating out there (a couple that were on the weird side, now that I look back!). I believed in nutrition-not diets. My incessant search for a complete, simple systemfinally ended a little over two years ago-I found it. Since then, I’ve been using this nutritional system and introducing it to my clients (and all others I care about). It’scomplete
with high quality organic protein shakes, amino acids such as tryptophan (which raise serotonin), live enzymes, the essential fatty acids (Omega,6, and 9) in the correct ratios, vitamins, antioxidants, and ionic plant minerals. The system, which consists of foods that you eat in addition to whatever healthful food you’re already consuming, has a total body cleansing and detoxing component as well. The results have been quick and dramatic, and I’m thoroughly passionate about it. Some of the problems that I’ve seen either totally disappear or at least decrease significantly with this system are depression, anxiety, decreased energy, difficulty losing weight, insomnia, sugar cravings, low sex drive, and difficulty concentrating. I’m not mentioning this system by name because I want to make sure you’ll be ordering only what you need and should have, depending on whether you’re pregnant, nursing, or finished with both. If you're interested, feel free tocontact me for more information by calling ###-###-####.

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