Seeking Moms That Have Used Chiropractors on Toddlers to Help Health Issues.

Updated on January 10, 2013
K.P. asks from Newburgh, NY
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I have a 3.5 year old that has asthma and low IgG levels. People have suggested me to use a Chiropractor. I am skeptical because I heard if you use a chiropractor you always have to use one. I do not want to my son to have to use one for the rest of his life. But I am willing to do about anything to help my son stop being so sick all the time and taking so many meds.
Has any other moms used a Chiropractor on there toddlers for asthma, IgG levels or any other kind of illness? If so did it help? Would you recommend another mom to use one? Was there any side affects you did not like?

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answers from New York on

Full disclosure: I am a Chiropractor who has taken care of thousands of children over more than 20 years, including my own child, and very many children and adults with asthma.
Chiropractic can be very helpful for a child with asthma. The neck and upper back area nerve function is intimately related with lung function specifically bronchiole dilation which in basic terms is the ability to take in and release a breathe. In fact, when a person uses a "puffer" they often are trying to replace the chemicals that are normally stimulated by proper nerve function.
My advice is to look for a Chiropractor who sees a lot of children and is comfortable taking on your child as a patient. A recommendation from another parent is often a good place to start and feel free to ask the doctor of Chiropractic any questions you have or express any concerns, but rest assured many children with asthma have been helped with gentle Chiropractic care and there is very nice research backing up the clinical excellence.

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answers from Albuquerque on

There is no truth that if you use a chiropractor you'll always need to use one. The majority of people see a chiropractor for a particular problem and when that problem goes away, they don't need to go back.

We used a chiropractor for my daughter's severe reflux. She went weekly for a month, then biweekly for three months, and then every six weeks or whenever she had a flare up. That was two years ago and she's all better now. No need to visit the chiropractor, except that we loved their office and stop in to say hi every once in a while.

Make sure you find a chiropractor who has experience treating children. And ask if the chiropractor thinks it will help for asthma or low immune levels. From what I know, chiropractors are best for structural issues... but maybe there's a structural issue underlying your daughter's conditions - who knows.

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answers from New York on

My kids have gone to the chiropractor since birth. Apparently, it is the opposite of what you would think--because they are so flexible, taking them actually helps to train their spines to stay in place. Not sure if I'm wording that the right way, but basically, no, you won't have to take them for their whole lives. But you may be surprised and happy with the results, and want to continue? I don't take my kids often enough, they haven't gone in probably six months or more. Ideally, I'd love to take them once a month, for a "tune-up." The reality is I end up taking them when they are sick, and even then, it's tricky because I have a baby, nap schedules, school schedules. I need to find a chiropractor closer to home. Chiropractic is effective for several issues--you may have to take your child several times, and more often, in the beginning, until you start to see results. But that isn't always the case--when my first was born, I saw results immediately (his neck was out from a forceps delivery and he refused to breastfeed from the right side--after adjustment, he was able to turn his head without screaming). I hope I answered your questions, but I feel like I blabbered on and on. Good luck to you.

P.S. Chiropractic for kids is so gentle. Because their bones are so flexible, they can nearly be "tapped" into place--no cracking or twisting.

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answers from Lakeland on

I have gone to a chiropractor since I was 17 (42 now) and my daughter since birth (she is 6). We go for well visits at least once a month. The reason we plan to go for life is that it keeps us well. We rarely see the regular doctor because there is no need for us. My daughter has never had an ear or sinus infection and has never taken antibiotics. If we do get a cold it is gone in three days or less.

A good chiropractor will help you get well and help keep you well. But part of that comes from you too to eat healthy and take care of your body. Most can help relieve symptoms of asthma and many other ailments.

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answers from Seattle on

Would you rather he take medication for asthma his whole life? The reason you see a chiropractor for life is because you'll always have a spine. Just like you see a regular doctor, denist, mechanic, gym your whole life. Hope that makes more sense! The nervous system is in your spinal column and controls all bodily function. This is why spinal adjustments can help with asthma and things other than just back pain, which is just the last symptom of a spinal misalignment/subluxation. So technically this is why many people see a chiro before a regular doctor and regular chiro patients are very rarely sick. You will want to see them for life!


answers from Boston on

We saw a chiropractor recommended by several friends and went on the advice of a massage therapist. We had some good results with back and neck issues, but nothing with immune issues. We were seeking results with immune system because my husband had some chronic illnesses and conditions. We did not get any help from the immune standpoint, nor did our son (though he was a bit older than your son). We also took (and paid for) a whole lot of things he wanted us to try for immune system support, but they didn't work.

However, chiropractic has worked for some people, but I would caution you to look around for someone who does SAFE techniques such as applied kinesiology or something similar. None of that "grab the head and yank" stuff. Very dangerous. A good chiropractor will give you an estimate of when you should see results - for example, ours told us that, if we didn't see significant results in 6-8 visits, he wasn't doing a good job. Lots of people go in for a "tune-up" every 6 months, and that's okay. But "having to use one for the rest of his life"? That's a no-no.

I'm a big believer in various therapies, and I know a lot of practitioners of Reiki, polarity, chiropractic, shiatsu, and other disciplines. I know a several great massage therapists (one is also a nurse) who use a specific supplement to help their clients, and I know a great chiropractor who used the same supplements on his most difficult cases (he picked the 10 worst patients, the ones he felt he wasn't helping) - and got amazing results. They've all been doing this for years with great success.



answers from Bloomington on

Our situation is a little different but I will share in case it helps...I used a Chiro for my 15 mos. old due to neck problems, that may have been hindering his gross motor skills. He did seem to improve with treatment. His Chiropractor treated & then released him when his symptoms improved. I think you just need to look for a good Chiro.

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