Seeking Moms of Autistic Kids to Talk To

Updated on January 31, 2008
R.M. asks from Claude, TX
8 answers

Hi i am new here and we have found out that my 5 year old daughter has mild autisem and also is severly alergic to any kind of dairy products and i was wanting to talk to other moms that are dealing with these same things becuse i am so new with it and dont no much about it yet.

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answers from Dallas on

My nephew is autistic and I spoke with a really nice lady who lives in allen when he was having issues at school. I can't remember where I found her name, but I think it was an organization that she heads for autistic children in the area.
She told me that there are three yahoo groups in the area and she is over the mafea group.
Here are the names of them, they are pretty helpful and could help you get in touch with some other moms in the area. She said the mafea group members are mostly in the mckinney/allen/frisco area.
Good Luck!
Go to Yahoo! then choose groups on the menu and type in these names! I'm a member of all three.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi R.,

I am a local speech-langauge pathologist, and I have a free social group for young children with special needs, called Play Pals. Our next outing will be in March, and it would offer you an opportunity to meet many other parents facing similar challenges and concerns. To register (it's free) simply visit, and click on the dancing Play Pal icon. It would be my pleasure to add you to our list, and invite you to future events.

Best Regards,



answers from San Antonio on

Please e mail me. Im in San Antonio:
[email protected]



answers from Killeen on

I'm not sure where Claude, Texas is, but I know of a great website where you can look for parents facing similar issues in your area. is the web address for the Children's Special Needs Network. This is a non-profit organization started by the mother of a special needs child in Central Texas, but it is spreading all over the state. There is a link for the Autism society of america also.
Do yourself a favor and sign up for the newsletter, in order to hear about upcoming conferences. The conferences are great places to meet people whose children have similar disorders.
My 7 year old has Occupational and Speech therapy with a boy who has autism related to food allergies. His mother has put him on a special diet designed to avoid all of his food sensitivities, and his behavior has improved dramatically.
I'm new to this web site, so I don't feel comfortable posting my phone number, but if you want to send me an off-line e-mail I can see about getting you in touch with this other mother.




answers from Dallas on

The mountain of evidence points to thimerosal (mercury) as the cause of autism.

There are many methods to treat autism, but the DAN protocol seems to be the most effective. Here is a website where you can get more information:

If you want more information on autism and mercury poisoning here is a link as well:

I hope this is helpful,





answers from Dallas on

My nephew has autism and my sister in law has set up a great support and awareness site with many links for diet info and support groups etc. I wish you the best with your journey and just know there is lots of hope and many times removing toxins from her environment, diet changes, etc all help so much. for autism support and diet info to request info on safer home and personal care alternatives that help tremendously with autism, allergies, asthma, and ADD



answers from Odessa on

Jenny McCarthy wrote a book about her son with autisem. She was on Oprah, The View, etc. and was saying she has brought her son out of it. Check it out. Lots of luck and blessings to you and your family.



answers from Dallas on

my oldest (i have four girls) is 8 and she has aspergers (a mild form of autism)...are you in dallas?

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