Seeking Moms in Gilbert Arizona for Entertainment Advice

Updated on July 25, 2009
I.R. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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i have a 3 and 7 year old and would like to take them to places they can enjoy this husband and i both work so it would have to be activities we can do during weekends or evenings. any suggestions?

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So What Happened?

thank you for your great ideas my girls and i really appreciate it. we will definitely be trying them out. if you can think of anymore please keep them comming. thank you again.

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Check out Makutu's Island in Chandler:
Went there for a birthday party a few years ago and I loved it as much as the kids did!

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Dear I.,
If you want to save some money and have some fun learning about your town, just try to visit several city parks over th course of the summer. Some have ponds, some have water parks, some are more grassy play areas, some have excellent swings etc....

-C. W
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The first two things that come to mind are the AZ Puppet Theater ( and the Gilbert Observatory ( There's also Kartchner Caverns (, which I've been wanting to visit, and Dolly Steamboat at Canyon Lake ( On the way to Canyon Lake, there's an old ghost town where we like to stop. There's an ice cream shop there that serves homemade ice cream!

Hope that helps!

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We went to Amazing Jakes last weekend, and although it can be pricey it was also a lot of fun. I have some coupons too if you're interested.

We also love to go bowling with our kids, and there are great summer prices if you go during the day. My three year old even bowls!

Oh, and I have to tell you, I love the drive in! It's too hot right now, but the rest of the year it's a blast. We usually watch a kids movie for the first showing and then my hubby and I see the movies we want to see after that. It's only 6.25 for adults and I believe a dollar for kids. So check them out when it cools down.

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