Seeking Moms Club in Tucker

Updated on March 10, 2008
E.M. asks from Tucker, GA
4 answers

or near Tucker to mame new friends Also, how do you get to see this wonderful sight every day? Do you have to wait until they come into your email?

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answers from Atlanta on

Try I have found a couple of groups in my area I liked. I was involved in 3 groups and I recently dwindled it down to 1. I was having trouble managing my time. Everyone was having so much fun and I wanted to go to everything.

You can login to mamasource and read new posts everyday. There are more posts than what is in your inbox!

Good Luck

B. M.

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answers from Seattle on

Hi E., I live in Snellville, not far from you at all, and I'm Spanish speaker, I'm from Uruguay, if you want to email me back I'd be happy to talk to you girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!



answers from Atlanta on

Hi E.,

I'm not Spanish speaking, but I do live in Tucker. I'm not a part of a mom's club, but work full time. I'm free more on the weekends then during the week. I always cheat and take my son at least one evening out of the week to McDonald's on Lawrenceville Hwy between Idlewood/Main and Fellowship Rd. Maybe we can meet up one evening. I tend to take him early enough to play, but late enough to tire him out for bed time.




answers from Atlanta on

Hi E.,

My house cleaner lives in Tucker and is from Chile. She may know of some contacts for you.
Also, do you still have friends/family in Puerto Rico? I am looking to expand my business there and would love to have a referral. I sell anti-aging skin care, health and wellness natural botanically based products. All my materials, training and education on the products are also in Spanish. I have seen excellent results with my products and would love to share with others in Puerto Rico.

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