Seeking Mom's with Children with Cerabal Palsey

Updated on March 10, 2008
J.P. asks from Norwich, NY
4 answers

seeking moms with children with c.p.

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answers from Buffalo on

Being a mother with a speical needs child takes so much strenght and love. While my child does not have c.p. my cousin (whom I am very close to) has a daughter who does. She says it can soemtimes be very overwhelming and very frustrating. She is a member of a support gorup for parents with special needs and says it is emmensly helpful. If you are looking for families in your area I woudl suggest talking to your pediatrician or other medical professionals for guidance. They usually have a list of groups in the area. Best of luck!



answers from Cumberland on

I have a niece with cerebral palsy if you would like to talk to my sister just let me know



answers from Scranton on

I am a mother of 6, I have a daughter that we just recently put into Saint Joe's. She has the intelect of a 9 month old and not even that physically. She does not, eat, talk, walk, crawl, hug, and just recentely learned to sit up without falling. They have no idea why this happened, there is no name for what she has, it could have just been a mutant gene, but the closest diagnosis they came to was c.p, without actually having c.p., strange but she has symptoms of so many syndromes or diseases but no diagnosis. I would love to keep in contact and see how you are holding up, your doctors, etc. I look forward to talking to you. P. R



answers from Buffalo on

HI J.-

I have a 3.5 year old son who has been diagnosed with bilateral spastic C.P, although we believe his C.P impacts all of his limbs. He currently is involved in PT, OT, water therapy, counseling and goes to school 5 days a week. He is a great little man, who has a ton on his plate. I would love the chance to talk more with you regarding any similarities that our children may have.

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