Seeking Mom's Groups in Little Rock

Updated on September 22, 2008
H.B. asks from Little Rock, AR
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I am a new stay at home mom with severe cabin fever. Only a couple of my friends have children and it seems to be hard to get together on a regular basis. What groups are available in our community such as mother's day out, MOP's, etc...? As a new mom I question my skills but currently I am just questioning my sanity, haha. Also does anyone know of a local gym that has childcare while you work out.

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I have a 3 month old boy and would love to have a mommy and me class. I have two friends too who have babies. But they work. I am a stay at home mom now.



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H., the gyms that I definitely know have childcare are the North Little Rock Athletic gym, and the Little Rock Athletic gym. I believe the YMCA gyms in both LR and NLR have childcare also.
Good Luck, I knew I wasn't the type to stay at home in the early years. There are also many MDO's at most all the local churches.



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Bowan Fitness on Bowman ahs childcare Monday-Friday from 9-12noon. The staff is great and my daughter really enjoys it. I know from talking to people that Little Rock Athletic club has a great program/childcare for kids. We have never been there, because Bowman was just so close.

As for mom's groups, I would definatley be interested in trying to get together or start something - even informal! I can compeltely related to your "sanity concerns." I am new to the area and have not been sucessful in finding a Mom's group/playgroup either. I live in West Little Rock and love staying home with me 2 year daughter. If you are interested in getting together, please feel free to contact me directly.



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Hi H.,
First of all there are my Mommy and Baby Fitness.NET classes. There are lots of other groups but it did take time for me to discover them and I started my search when my sone was about your little girl's age. You can contact MOMS Club of Little Rock <[email protected]> and they meet about once a week. There are some other wonderful ways to meet mommies and babies in town. For example, Museum of Discovery has reading time on Tuesday mornings for small children followed by creative time. It's fun. We do it whenever we get a chance. There is a new place in town at Breckenridge Village called The Wonder Place. Your baby girl is a bit too young to play with there but you can meet up with other moms and babies. Then there is also The Little Gym.
Feel free to contact me for anything else regarding this... [email protected]
I hope this helps your cabin fever!
Good luck and God Bless

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