Seeking Mom's Club in West Roseville

Updated on July 07, 2007
L.Y. asks from Roseville, CA
4 answers

I am new to West Roseville and am looking for other moms to get together with the children for play dates. I have belonged to a Mom's Club in the past and enjoyed the moms night out, bunko parties, play groups, field trips and getting to know other moms in the area.

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answers from Sacramento on


I just realized you are my neighbor. I am in West Roseville as well have one newborn 3 1/2 months old and am looking for the same kind of moms group-not just playgroups but activities for us as well. I am in the Crocker Ranch area. Let me know if you want to work together on a group.

K. G.



answers from Sacramento on

I belong to the MOMS Club of Antelope. You may want to go to the international site.....

they will possibly be listed there, otherwise I'm sure west roseville has a local neighborhood paper right???



answers from Austin on

Hi L. :)

Have you tried ? I found my mother's group through that sight and I love them! ;)
I'm also in Roseville (Douglas and Roseville parkway) Message me if you ever want to meet up! ;)




answers from Los Angeles on

Go to On the left there is a menu. Choose Groups, Find a group, and put in your Zip. I found 12 groups within 10 miles of Roseville, CA. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. My group just started summer break, but I LOVE!!! going. MOPS gives moms a chance to have mommy talk while their little ones are tucked safely away in the nursery. We have a guest speaker each week, with topics from disapline to nutrition to marriage to finace, so on and so on. We meet every other week and on our off weeks/holiday breaks we have playdates. It Is AWESOME! I don't often get to have adult conversation with someone that's not drained from working all day, and it's CERTAINLY not uninterrupted at home!!!! Check it out, you'll be glad you did ~J

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