Seeking Midwife in the Athens, GA Area

Updated on December 07, 2009
K.G. asks from Duluth, GA
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My brother and sister in law have decided they want to have their baby at home. It is somewhat close to the due date, so they want to find many options in case the midwives are already scheduled with someone else. Please let me know if you have any good recommendations. Thanks. :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. They found one through the connection. :) They had already tried the other referrals that you ladies gave. Thanks again.

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Try Labor of Love doula service, but you need to call them quickly depending on how close to the due date they are because most are already booked at this point. I know there is one in this area, I think her name is Debra Pully

###-###-#### cell

If that doesn't work try Margaret Strickland, Theresa at Labor of love has her contact info, she delivers in atlanta, but she is one of the best midwifes in town, however she does hospital births, she may be able to get them in.

Best of Luck

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they are great, but not in athens, but they may know of someone closer. good luck!!!

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K. I would try a Doula service. I used A Labor of Love and they are AMAZING. Theresa Howard is the owner and if they can get her it would be great. All her doulas do an amazing job I just not sure how many of them do home births. I know she does. Their website is Congratulations and good look. Theresa is in Lawrenceville so Athen is not too far for her to drive.

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