Seeking Melaleuca Members in DG Area

Updated on October 13, 2009
M.J. asks from Downers Grove, IL
4 answers

Hi everybody. I know Melaleuca products and can`t do without some products any more. Is there a member of Melaleuca who is willing to put some products for me on their order from time to time? I am in north DG, and would be very happy to find someone soon. Thank you in advance. M.

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answers from Chicago on

hello M.,

I actually started the way yoiu did as well and ended up loving the products so much i began to market the business for the company. It is really to your benefit to join because the first 5 months of your membership you receive loyalty dollars for each purchase. Every month you get $20 in products FREE! Total $100 in free merchandise. I started loving the cleaning products and then began using the pharmacy items, shampoo, soaps now I even use the supplements. Since would normally purchase these every month from Target and Walmart, anyway, I decided to try their products and would never go back. Walmart was always so hard for me to get to, always out of stock, and I did not have to battle with my 3yr old and his not wanting to be in a cart.

After your 5 months, 10% of each purchase each month is reserved in a "melaleuca" account and can be used for loyalty dollars. Let's not forget that you have your favorite org earn 5% of each purchase. We signed my son's school up and there were more families that joined just because of the schoold benefit. I could go on and on about the company and the benefits. Do you on-line shop? If so for being a member you could enjoy up to 15% discounts on over 500 retailers. Struck your curiosity. Contact me ###-###-####, I would love to meet or speak with you more about it. Find out how you can have a free trial month no obligations, just order try the temporary site and if you would like to continue to reap these benefits as well as earn a residual check for referrals than contact me.

Thank you,



answers from Chicago on

I live in Lombard and would be happy to help if you still need it. My e-mail is [email protected] pressure to join up-I just like the stuff.



answers from Chicago on

My girlfriend and I buddy up together. She has been using the products for years. I had my own account for about a year and a half, but found it hard to meet the 35 points minimum each month. I could ask my girlfriend if this is something she would be willing to do. We live in Aurora, just off of I-88. She is just starting out in her own business. Please contact me further if you would be interested in doing this. I'm sure she'd be willing to help.



answers from Chicago on


If you have not received a response yet I would be happy to help! My email address is [email protected] or you can call me at ###-###-####. If I don't answer when you call just so you know I am also a Mary Kay consultant, so when you hear my voice mail you will know that you got the right person.

I live in Bolingbrook and would be happy to work with you when you need to order something.

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