Seeking Loving Professional Yorkie Groomer near Tacoma Narrows Bridge Area

Updated on February 15, 2008
D.F. asks from Tacoma, WA
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Looking for a really good pet groomer for our recently purchased Yorkshire terrior. She is 4 years old and recently bought her from a lady in Marysville going through tough times. Needless to say...the dog is soooooo precious and soooooo mellow and sooooooo smart and loving.
However..she soooooooo needs a good grooming. She has been quite neglected. I have never owned a Yorkie before...yet I am a very picky Lady when it comes to animal care of any kind. I want a loving and professional groomer I can trust. We are new to the Tacoma over by the Narrows bridge...5 minutes from Jackson street.........Help...need a groomer fast!

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I highly recommend "Clip and clean" Pet Salon ..3205 North. 26th St. ###-###-#### It's been there for years ..the owner 's name is Lynette. check it out...I took my little dogs to her .. (Iggy and Eggfoo) I'm sure she'd probably remember them. Iggy passed away 2 years ago. (Shitz shu) and Eggfoo is a fat blk. Pug ...the only reason I stopped going to Lynette was because we moved to South Hill Puyallup ..and I found a Vet Clinic where they also had a groomer. We recently have moved back to Tacoma. I'm going to take Eggfoo to visit Clip and Clean very soon..:) Good Luck to you:) M.



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I too am an animal lover and I use "A Cut Above". She is so good with animals...loving and kind. We had a poodle that had many operations, and towards the end health problems. She was always tender and kind...even when our little one got cranky, but never with her. Her number is ###-###-#### and is off Bridgeport on Custer. Hope this helps. Tell her Satara's mom sent you (that is our cat).



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The best groomer in Tacoma is Donna of Donna's Ark. She did my 14 year old min snauzer beautiful for about 7 of her years. I lost my baby last year and recently found Maggie, a manchester terrier on Craig's List and we're doing wonderfully well.

Donna is located just off of 84th and Tacoma Mall Blvd. I am sure her number is in the Tacoma Phone Book. Good luck with your baby.




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Hi D.!

Barb is the owner and she is such a sweetheart. She is located in Edgewood which from where you are located is over by Puyallup/Fife/Milton, it's a little bit of a drive but I don't think it's too far. It's located in a beautiful country setting and she just loves the dogs.

My neighbor purchased a young yorkie that had been through a very traumatic grooming experience at a Petsmart and he was nippy and frightened but now he stands still while she trims him all up.

My pup is very good about everything except getting her nails trimmed and Barb tried several different ways until she found that my girl just needs to feel protected. Now she doesn't fight. When they first take her from the bath they wrap her in a towel and one person cuddles her and the other trims the nails.

If you decide to go there tell her Annie the Schipperke's mom sent ya. :)



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Hi D. -
Everyone in my family takes their dogs (and cats!) to Clip & Clean for regular bathing and necessary grooming. They are located on 26th and Alder in the North End.



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Have a great one! Never met someone sooo talented in working with animals...has a gift. Took my silky terrier who is very tempermental there and Lynnette has never had a problem with him. Been going for over 7 years.


3205 1/2 N 26th St
Tacoma, WA 98407


Really easy to get there from where you are...get on 26th and head all the way down, pass union...on left hand side of street.

Good luck!

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