Seeking Lawyer for Will/trust in BG, AH Area

Updated on April 28, 2009
L.Z. asks from Buffalo Grove, IL
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My husband and I would like to set up a trust/will/guardianship for our daughter. I am looking for advise on trust vs will and a recommendation of a good lawyer. This is unchartered territory for us so any advice would be appreciated. Also any usual range for cost involved just so we can be prepared. Thanks for the help!

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Hi L.,

My hubby and I used an attorney in Park Ridge. We live in Glenview...he charged 600. He was great...unless you have a ton of confusing stuff to deal with it is usually a flat rate.

Best of Luck,
Mom to 3yo boy and 4mo triplet girls!

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Do you or your hubby have access to a group legal plan through work? If so, getting this done will be super cheap. It's like an HMO for legal issues. We used Daniel Levy in Lincolnshire through Metlife group legal plan.

Make your wishes known NOW about who should be the guardians for your children. Get their commitment for that responsibility. You can rest easy knowing that the right people will pursue whatever is necessary to fulfill your wishes in the small chance that something bad happens before you get things in writing.

Side note: be prepared to tell who will be power of attorney for health and financial concerns.

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I don't know if you've already thought of this, but you can do it yourself. My husband and I bought a computer program for less than $50 from H&R Block I think. I believe Quicken and some other financial company may also make them. You can get them at Best Buy or Office Max type stores. Then you just need a person to witness your signature and sign it as well. We didn't have the money to spend on a lawyer especially when our financial advisor mentioned we could do it ourselves this way.



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Hi, my freind's husband does this work. I think he even comes to you, he has his own business. His name is Craig Janas and lives in Barrington. Here is his

You can tell him R. gave you his info.



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I have a great contact for you. He does everything you mention, as well as estate planning. His name is Michael G. Stuart, JD CPA, and he can be reached at ###-###-####.

Good luck!



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I know two. You may want to call them both and compare services and prices. Make sure you tell them I gave them your name. P. Fortini from Lil Scholars

Gary Waitzman ###-###-####

Michael G. Stuart JD CPA ###-###-####

Good luck,

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