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Updated on August 27, 2007
K.P. asks from Clearwater, FL
4 answers

Does anyone in the clearwater (or close by) area know of anyone looking for a good home for a kitten. I'm having a hard time looking for a kitten for my girls (and my family)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the replies..... We did find the cutest little grey and white kitten, and hes 12 weeks old. My 4 y/o named him bam-bam because she loves watching the flintstones.

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Kittens know how to instantly use a litter box so don't deter from getting one because they don't. You can always call around to local veterinarians and ask if they have kittens. They are easier to get in the spring time because of breeding season but with the fall coming up sometimes their is a big wave and they will have lots to give away. Make sure you can afford all the vaccinations that come along with getting a new kitten and try to get one that is already neutered/spayed. Pregnant women should not clean a litter box if they have cats that go outside or if they are newer cats. Toxoplasmosis is spread in cat poo if you don't scoop the box daily, you don't wear gloves and don't wash your hands. It takes 2 days for the oocytes to form in the poo. You can also get it by gardening and handling raw meat so cats aren't has bad as people make them out to be.



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Try the humane society, or SPCA they often have kittens or even young cats. Those animals really need homes and they have all their shots, PLUS they are fixed!! Remember cats have long lives if you take care of them. We have three cats, 22, 19, and 14 years old (yes, in human years). I would suggest adopting an older (at least 2 years old) cat from one of the shelters above. They are more often than not, already litter trained, OR trained to go outside (being pregnant you really should try to stay away from cat poo). Kittens are fun, but they poop and pee everywhere (they are babies!) and that may be an issue with the pregnancy and young children, plus it's just gross! Not to mention that young children can be too rough with kittens, because they are so little, and they again, are babies it is very easy to hurt them. A cat that is potty trained, fixed and has it shots (like one from a shelter), is the best idea for a first cat. After having one cat for a while 6 months, 1 year, however long it takes you family to adjust, you should then consider a kitten. The cat's bathroom behaviors will teach the kitten where to go and how to do it right in record time. Also your family (mainly children) will already know how to treat such a small animal, making your home "kitten safe." Let us know what you do!! GOOD LUCK!



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Hi. Go on to (Select your city,state) and click on Pets in the upper right corner of the screen. There are numerous ads from people looking for homes for pets and I've seen several kittens.

Good luck!



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I was at PetSmart yesterday at Clearwater Mall on Gulf to Bay and US19 and they had the cutest little grey kitten (maybe 2 months old or so) and it was rubbing up against the glass and looking at my daughter. You could tell it was a sweetheart that just wanted to be loved. I felt so bad that we couldn't take her...

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