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Updated on February 28, 2007
S.R. asks from Converse, TX
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My husband has recently taken a paycut at work, and he's talking about getting a second job to supplement our income. I don't want him to, because I'm afraid I would never see him if he did that. I'm trying to find something I can do from home, or maybe a job that I could take my kids with me, like a daycare. If anyone has any ideas on this front, I'd greatly appreciate the input! I see my husband little enough as it is, and he already works so hard- he has a very demanding job....I would hate for him to have to work even more!

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I have just started working for AtHome America and LOVE IT!! I currently do this part time, while still working my full time job. But hope to work full time from home with AtHome America after my second child is born in May.

Please visit my website - and look at the section called Careers. I'd LOVE to have you join my team!!


J. S. Martinez
~Your HomeStyle Specialist~



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Hi S.!
Go to
The home page will explain what it is. You should really try it.



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ever thought of taking kids in to watch at your house?



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Hi S.,

Well I know what you mean Im a SAHM too of a 2 year old daughter and well my husband is a truck driver and well i dont see him like every three weeks so is hard for me and my baby. So thats why I was looking for jobs at home and well i found one that i love. I berly started to work there and is just great. So if you are still looking email me for more information with no obligation to [email protected] or call me at ###-###-#### I would love to share more info about it with you. You can also go to my website and get more info..

Thank you,

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