Seeking Information on Salary for Nanny/Sitter

Updated on May 01, 2008
D.S. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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My husband and I are in the process of interviewing and selecting someone to watch our 3.5 year old. This individual will get him on/off the bus for PreK (or possibly drive him to/from school). They are free until he gets out of school. They will be with him for about 4 hours until we arrive home. During that time, they will prepare lunch, have a little play time and get him down for a nap. Can anyone tell me what the average pay would be.

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Where are you located?




answers from Washington DC on

I live in the woodbridge area. My sister charges $25/day or $125/week for this. She charges $40/day, $200/week for my 1yr old who she has all day. However, she works out of her home, and has several kids that she watches. If your sitter drives him to school, you should also pay for the gas.

If your child will be the only one, I think $10 an hour is good. You want the person to feel like its worth their time and effort. Also, if you term it in 'a day' instead of 'an hour', it works to your advantage. Given your propossed schedule $10 an hour would cost you around $80 a day, cuz you still have to pay for their 'free' time, they're still in your service. However, if you pay them $50 a day, then you aren't really paying for their free time.



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I am a nanny and I charge $13-$15 per hour. Your situation would probably be good for a college student (they could maybe take a class while he is in preschool). Depending on your requirements, you can pay them only while they are responsible for your son. However, if you would expect them to run errands, clean, etc while he is at school than they should be paid the entire time.



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My neighbor pays $10 and hour for her nanny who is full time. around here, an hourly sitter - just like one day or two days a week, in your home, for 1 child, is between $10-$12 and hour. I have found one or two people as low as $8 though.

Depending on the hours you need them, you may also be able to find a college kid looking for money that could take classes while he is in school, and then be home with him when he gets home.



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You could either pay weekly or hourly. I pay my sitter $10/hour to watch my 2 kids. It sounds like it will be a regular M-F job though so you may want to do weekly instead. I live on the Eastern Shore so "daycare" prices are much cheaper than across the bridge but my girlfriend pays $165/week for her 21 month old and 6 year old so I would say maybe like $100/week??



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It is kind of tough. I would say start at about $100 a week, maybe $120 if they are transporting him to and from school. Or if you want to pay hourly, you should offer somewhere in the $6 or $7/hr with them transporting him. Hourly could be more than salary, but also keep in mind to discuss time off and if they expect pay for a full week, even if they are only caring for him half the week. Make sure you set all the ground rules first and come to agreement on them. We actually had a contract of sorts with our first sitter that said we provided diapers, formula etc... and if not and she had to buy it we would pay her back that week on her pay day. We also put in the contract how much we would be paying her and the hours she was working for us and if either of us wanted to terminate the contract, we had to do so in writing, with 2 weeks notice. It was actually really good since we weren't sure what to expect and this way, terms were written and agreed upon before she begun caring for our daughter.
Just to let you know, I do have an available position in my home. I live in Hampton, VA if you are close by. My daughter is 3.5 and would love a play mate. LMK. Good luck



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If you live in the metro DC area, expect to pay at least $11 an hour. I'm in Falls Church and pay $12/hour. I have friends who pay $16 plus health insurance for full-time nannies. Daycares in this area pay their workers at least $10.50/hour.

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