Seeking Information for Starting the Adoption Process

Updated on November 28, 2008
L.M. asks from Wellington, FL
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My husband and I are ready to adopt a child. We are in the beginning stages and could use any information/resources we can get. We are trying to decide between domestic and international adoption. Please share your stories as we pray for our blessing.

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answers from Gainesville on

A friend of mine works with adoptions here in Florida, and she gave me their website to give out:
The number is 1-800-Adoption, and she said that they are a large agency, and they'd also be happy to recommend other agencies if you prefer working with a small one.
Good luck!

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answers from Miami on

I love this site- it's free but you may have to sign up to read the posts? if so, choose a screen-name that fits (not 'just' your name, like we have here on mamasource) want2adoptinfl or something meaningful to you :-)

here is a forum re: adoption:

HTH (hope this helps!)

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answers from Miami on

I have no information but I am praying that you choose domestic! We all need to help our own children before going international... So many abused and torn children in todays world NEED a loving supportive home! May God guide & bless you both!
Truly & Sincerely,
Kathy N.


answers from Tallahassee on

Hello L. - From a personal standpoint - I can tell you that there are way too many homeless children here in the U.S. that are desparate for a family.

I have been blessed with 3 amazing adopted children, all of which were adpoted through my state. I have a friend who is desparately trying to adopt a little girl from South America - it is heart breaking, it has been over 18 months and 3 trips later and she is not vary far along the red tape. Not to mention the fees involved.

Please consider all your options here before looking elsewhere.

God Bless and good luck. Adoption is a very special gift from God.

M. F



answers from Jacksonville on

I dont know anything about adoption but there is a great website called Diaperswappers which has a very active forum around adoption and foster care as well as other forums. Good luck to you!



answers from Jacksonville on

A great resource when considering international adoption is



answers from Gainesville on

International adoptions can be quite costly. I know someone who adopted a little girl form Russia. The adoption process was completely legal from Russian standards, but one of the fees required was a "bribery fee" for the Russian judge. No joke.

If you are looking at domestic adoption, you should become a foster parent first. I work with a woman who went through the fostering classes with her husband and the very first children they fostered (two adorable little boys - brothers) they were able to adopt. It is such a blessing to see those little ones in a loving family.



answers from Orlando on

We adopted 2 boys at birth in Florida, now ages 7 & 4. They are the light of our lives.

We used a non-profit agency in Winter Park (near Orlando), Our first took 10 months, not much different than having a biologic child. The cost was the same or less than international, including travel. Our agency also provides financial assistance to adoptive parents in need. Lots of paperwork and home studies necessary to insure children are placed in loving, capable homes. Think of the tragedy for both a child and it's birthparents if placed in a negative environment.

If you adopt in the US, I believe an important question to ask your attorney or agency is "What services do you provide to birthparents". All are required to provide counseling. However, do they give equal weight to the choice to parent vs. place for adoption. It's important for the birthparent(s) to fully consider all their options including support for a parenting decision. Our sons' birthparents made a selfless, loving decision but only after fully considering their ability to parent their child. Make sure your attorney or agency doesn't just provide lip service to a parenting choice. We only wanted to adopt in a case where the birthparents truly didn't believe they could parent.

Our adoptions were both open. We provide a letter and pictures twice a year. We have no other contact. It's important for birthparents to know their child is healthy and happy. We only fear the unknown.

We haven't adopted internationally but have friends who have and they also have wonderful families as a result. We also have friends who adopted US tweens/teens - they are also positive examples of a family blessed. In the end, it's your family's decision to do what feels right for you. All your choices have hoops to jump through and ups and downs but that's life - enjoy the ride!

If you have any quesitons, feel free to contact.



answers from Orlando on

I'm excited for you, 20 years ago I adopted a beautiful baby boy right here, their are so many children (babies) needing homes no need to really go over seas however, since I adopted 20 years ago and times have changed young woman are keeping there babies more these days but try anyway. I was unable to have children of my own, the adoption process took less than 7 months and it was a breeze I went to an agency in NYC called Spence Chaplin and they are still around today and still placing children in loving. To me going to a private agency seemed to best way and a little more personal not sure what direction you guys are heading but pray and and asked for guidence. Here's alittle poem that went out on his birth annoucemnets

Not bone of our bone nor flesh of our flesh but miraciously our own.

Good Luck and I will pray for you as well God already knows who you are. God bless both of you and your coming blessing.



answers from Melbourne on

Congratulations on your decision to adopt.
If you are adopting domestically, through the state you will need you take the MAPP classes that the state requires. If you live in Brevard county you can contact CBC Brevard, the Adoption Recruiters. If you live in Orange, Osceola, you can contact Family Services Metro. The classes are free, the process will be lengthy. If you want to adopt internationally, make sure you check out a reputable agency that deals with international and has a good track record. International adoption can be very costly. If you want to adopt through a private agency in the states, make sure you check them out as for reputation. Make sure you understand their fee schedule and other requirements. .
I have found one agency in Orlando, that will take an approved homestudy from DCF with no questions. You can check out or for good information. If you need adoption support, you can contact Heritage Family Preservation Center, Mrs. Pool. I would suggest that as you begin your journey, keep a journal, it will help you with tasks, details and your feelings through the paperwork.



answers from Panama City on

try foster care first. the domestic adoption or maybe you'd find one of your foster kids. Overseas is too costly andtoo many extra crappy rules.

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