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Updated on April 21, 2009
A.M. asks from Minneapolis, MN
4 answers

Hello Everyone,

I believe I have a pretty bad case of thrush, I am going in to see the Dr. today. But in the meantime do any of you know of anything I can do to help manage the pain? I am pretty sure I am going to get antibiotics to clear it up, but if you have had it before and know of any home remidies or can give me any advice about how you made it through the feedings with this horrible stabbing pain I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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answers from Madison on

The first two months of breastfeeding my daughter we both had thrush, and I can sympathize with your pain! It is awful, and can be very very hard to get rid of, even with antibiotics (hence the reason it took us 2 months). We were both treated with antibiotics, but I also had to apply a cream to my nipples to finally help clear it up. The doctor gave me this recipe - it was a mixture of over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, fungal cream (like what you would get for jock itch), and neosporin. Just use equal parts of all three, mix together, and apply to your nipples after everytime you finish breastfeeding. Just be sure to wash them really well before the next time you breastfeed because you don't want any of that stuff getting into your baby's mouth. I would apply the mixture then put nipple shields on and it seemed to help with the pain a little bit, but really the only thing that helped in the end was the antibiotics. As for how I made it through the feedings, well, I just bit a pillow to keep from screaming :( Feel free to contact me if you want more information, and hang in there! I know it's painful!



answers from St. Cloud on

HI A.! Becky W's advice is awesome! Thrush is an internal problem with external symptoms. No amount of tea tree oil will cure it. Do not use tea tree oil products in your baby's mouth. It will burn her skin.
Take tons of acidophilus and don't eat sugar in the mean time. The genetian violet is great. I hope you feel better soon!



answers from Des Moines on

I just battled for weeks a thrush that I had let get WAAY out of control. I was so seriously desperate that I ended up doing just about anything anyone will advise you to do. This is what I found out: is a WONDERFUL website with just the greatest advice. He will recommend an ointment that is a step up from the homemade version that someone already told you about. I already had that homemade version, and it wasn't working (remember, my thrush was BAD). If you e-mail him he will answer any questions not already answered in his articles and he will send you a prescription for the ointment. It will have to be compounded at a compounding pharmacy. Medicap did mine for $34. If your thrush is not yet unbearable, you may want to try the homemade concoction first, as it may do the trick for you. But really don't mess around with this one. It can really get ahead of you.

I agree with the advice on Melalueca. I don't use that brand, but I always keep tea tree oil on hand. I put a few drops in a small container (about 1/4 cup) of water and used it on my nipples after each feeding, and thought it really helped finally wipe the thrush out. I also read that raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar would do it.

The gentian violet has long been the "standard" natural treatment for thrush and is said to be powerful against it. I did use it, and it probably helped really begin to kick the stuff--it's hard to say for sure. But be warned that it is a real mess. I still have a purple bra or two and a spot on my p.j.'s that is fading with each wash. I was pumping at the time and it turned the milk blue. It gets you when you've let it dry and you think you're safe, then you nurse or pump or whatever. The milk runs over the purple nipple and picks it up and stains whatever it hits. I think it does eventually wash out, but just watch out if you choose to use it.

You will be told also to be meticulous about sterilizing anything that may come in contact with your nipple or your baby's mouth and to treat baby, too (though I'm not sure what Dr. Newman says about that). Reinfection is a real problem with thrush, so you have to make sure you're not continually bringing it back.

In case you don't read Dr. Newman's articles, the last line of defense is oral diflucan. He says to use it if none of the other treatments work. And no matter what else you do, acidophilis is really important--keep it up long after the thrush is gone.

I'm sorry I don't have much help for the pain itself. I wish I did--it really kills. Breath deep, bite your lip, and remember it will go away soon, I guess. Oh, I just remembered someone told me she used to put orajel on her nipple before she nursed. It helped with the latch on. I don't think it was for thrush, though and I don't know if it's a good idea. Maybe if you got really desperate...



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi A.,

I don't know if you have ever heard of Melaleuca, but iof you have or have the Melalueca oil, toothpaste, mouth rinse. You'll be in pretty good shape. The oil kills quite a few things from staff to e-coli and I have seen it do it's magicx on patients with thrush!

The oil has amazing qualities that helps not only heal "NATURALLY" but it also prevents while using the mouth washed and the "Classic Toothpaste".

Great stuff!


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