Seeking Info. from Women Who Have Had an Ovarian Cyst Burst.

Updated on October 05, 2010
T.N. asks from Minneapolis, MN
12 answers

I would love to hear what it was like from anyone who has ever had an ovarian cyst burst. Particularly if it happened quickly. I'm not really looking for info. from women who have had long-term cysts.

Background: I have had (twice now) what I believe was an ovarian cyst burst suddenly and without warning. The whole process was around an hour - too short of a time to get into my dr. or even urgent care to have anything confirmed. The two instances were about a year and a half apart, so I'm not concerned about appendix or anything severe. I am more interested in comparing symptoms as even my OB has said that once it's over - its very difficult to say for sure if that is what happened.

Thanks Mamas!

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answers from Dubuque on

This happened to me once. Hurt pretty bad. Was like being stabbed in the ovary. For me the pain was short lived and there was not much bleeding involved. It happend immediately following intercourse. Scared me so much I went to the Dr. and they said I had a cyst burst on my ovary and that it was relatively normal and nothing to worry about. It never happened again after that.



answers from Provo on

My daughter was suspected of having one burst. She was a sophomore in high school at the time. She kept complaining of stabbing pains in her lower area where her ovary is located. I took her into the doctor the next day and they did an ultrasound and said that was what it was.



answers from Duluth on

interesting; i was having what i thought was this exact problem. they even verified the cysts via very expensive ultrasounds! however, when i went to the OB, he did not think it was cysts causing my pain, he thought it was irritable bowel syndrome.
basically, it sounded just like you; i would all of a sudden out of nowhere have EXCRUCIATING pain, WORSE than labor, and it would last a full hour, and then it would just go away. sometimes it would make my abdomen sore the next day as if i stressed the muscles or something :P

a heating pad works wonders. and taking ibuprofen as soon as you feel it coming on.... but heres my story..

when he said that, it all made sense, because i thought i had that when i was in high school/college. basically, your bowel habits dont make sense really, they arent regular by any means, and they can vary from diarhea (especially if you get nervous, anxious or stressed) to constipation (hard stools painful to pas)... or just simply not going, then "making up for it" the next day or something. also going along with this is gas pain, especially with certain foods etc. some symptoms are different for different people too, so you can check online for other symptoms.

my doctor then told me (not the OB; he prescribed something which i looked up and decided not to take) that people who eat 2 yogurts a day with live active cultures had their symptoms disappear until they stopped eating the yogurts. there are several brands of yogurt you can try, but yoplait is the most common. it seems to work for me, as long as im eating my yogurt, i have NOT had the horrible, fetal position cramping.

anyway, i hope this works for you, if not, just ask for a second opinion or a third if you have to. i want you to know that IBS isnt a HUGE deal; its not connected with any major concerns like cancer or anything. its just something you might have to deal with, work with, and make sure you eat healthy. greasy foods can cause and aggrivate symptoms so try to avoid that. :) for me soda also bothers. and theres nothing healthy about either greasy food or soda, so stopping eating/drinking those is a great idea.

anyway. good luck



answers from Columbus on

I had one burst when I was in my teens. It came on suddenly, bad stabing pain, doubled over. I vomited. Went to the emergency room, they thought it misght be apedicitis, but sent me home to be sure that it was not "premenstral tension" by the next day, I was fine.

Can the OB do an ultra sound to see if there is something left after? I had a bout of something that was later thought to be a colon issue, and they did an ultra sound to look for what could be left from a ruptured cyst, this was several days out.




answers from Omaha on

It use to happen alot as a young girl. From about 16 till I had my son. So for about 4 years. When it would happen I would double over in pain. I'd writhe around even. I was in so much pain I couldn't get up or do much. Well one time my sister came home when I was babysitting her chilren she's a very experienced nurse. She was a charge nurse at the time for the university hospital. I told her as best as I could and that the pain was horrid. She examined me and determined I had a cyst burst. She gave me a pain med and called a doctor friend. He told her to take me to the ob/gyn and see if anything was left. no sac or anything was of course but considering who she was they put me on BC to help and I think it did. They burst less often. But my god from what I can remember it was hard to breath because of the pain. It was terrible.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have had a few burst. The first in the middle of the night. I was completely paralyzed with pain. The burst lasted maybe 2 min (seemed like 20). And then I got extremely ill. Sweating, vomiting, diarrehea - I felt like everything inside of me was trying desperately to leave my body. The other times the sweating and nausea came first. I can usually feel the strange bloating in the weeks leading up to it as well (skinny pre-mom days=). Again, I doubled over in pain frozen - felt like I couldn't even take a breath or my body would tear in half. I'm going to go ahead and say it - the burst of pain was worse than labor (but labor did last a lot longer).
Drs. told me the same thing - hard to tell once they have burst. Unless it didn't burst all the way. She could see some other small cysts which gave her the indicator that I was prone to them. She could also see scar tissue. And at 17 she told me it may be difficult for me to have kids because of the scar tissue. Yea that didn't happen!
I'm sorry you have had to deal with these. I've been told to either be on birth control, pregnant, or without ovaries for the remainder of my life. I'm also fairly careful with my regular screenings to watch for pre-cancerous cells. I also stay conscious of which side I am ovulating from so that if I feel one coming on the right side I don't freak out about my appendix. I've never gone back to the dr after a burst. They happen to quick and they didn't really do anything. More focused on the follow up/regular care.

Best of luck! Here if I can help/answer more.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi, I had to go to the hospital with mine.
It hurt badly for the whole day.
I woke up with my left side hurting, an as the day went on it became worst.
Finally i went to the hospital thinking that i had another prob, ( apendex)
Then finally it burst. Hurt!!!
But i havent had it sense.
I have been told that if you take Birth Control it help but not allowing them to form.



answers from Milwaukee on

I feel for you...literally. I have had what they believe to have 2 cysts burst in the past. I was in college and my roommate actually called her professor at home. He was right - after the initial pain (which was very sudden and very severe) I was back to "normal" probably within 20 minutes or so.



answers from Des Moines on

I have had this happen about a dozen times. I had pain that lasted 5-6 hours. The first 3 times I went to the hospital for it. They did an internal ultrasound and found fluid in my abdomen and diagnosed me with a ruptured cyst based on that. They gave me a shot of pain meds and sent me on my way. After the third time I stopped going in. There was no point in spending hours at the ER just for a pain shot at about the time that the pain was receding anyway. I started putting a heating pad where it hurt the worst and that helped some. I'd just tough it out for the hours until it was over. I was put on B/C and have not really had a problem with it since.


answers from Fort Myers on

My OBGYN at the time mine burst saw me in an emergency appointment & immediately sent me to the ER for an ultrasound to be done. I do not have 16+ yrs medical education but on my own experience I would find yourself another Dr. that has a different point of view about this happening. Understanding that there are many different factors involved and everybody's case is different, my ultrasound done on me detected exactly what happened. Needless to say, I was flat on my back, off work for awhile...
My ovarian cyst bursting had me doubled over in pain while I was at work and came on out of nowhere. I am sorry that you did not get a chance to confirm for sure what exactly happened in the past, but if this should happen again I would seek out medical assistance asap to avoid any complications that may come up.



answers from Green Bay on

I had that happen when I was in college. They THINK it burst/leaked. I could not stand up, the pain was so bad. They did surgery and took the orange-sized cyst out and 1/4 of my ovary and I haven't had a problem since. My aunt died of ovarian cancer so when they wanted to do surgery, I was ok with it.




answers from Sheboygan on

I have had cysts burst, and the first symptom I would have would be swelling and pain. There were times when the swelling would be so severe it would actually cause bruising to the area. When the cysts burst, the pain was acute, and then went away completely within a few minutes. I do have to say that if you suspect that you have ovarian cysts, make sure you get seen by your dr. Cysts can be diagnosed with a sonogram or ultrasound, even if they are not large enough to cause pain. There may not be much your dr. can do about it, other than prescribe birth control pills. I say this because I had a cyst so large that it actually compromised my ovary, and I subsequently lost that ovary.
Good luck.

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