Seeking in Home Care for Elderly Father in Palatine

Updated on July 01, 2008
D.S. asks from Carol Stream, IL
4 answers

does anyone know of a person who might be interested in assisting my dad. he has heart failure and needs help with getting dressed, bathing, etc. i am looking for someone who is very trustwothy and patient. he lives in the palatine area.

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My father was in Palatine too. I went through the Palatine Senior Center. They have a list of of CNA's & people who can
help the elderly. I had a CNA help my Dad, Mon - Fri for over a year. I will keep my ears & eyes open for you!

Best of luck! S.


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A couple years ago my mom had a stroke and needed help at home, and I used a company called Comfortkeepers ( The fellow who was in charge of our area is Bernd Reimers (he's an older gentleman and his wife is a former nurse - very neat couple) and his number is ###-###-####. I'm assuming he's still doing this because he is listed on their website, although you might have a different rep in your area. Just a warning -- it was quite expensive. But we really didn't have a choice as I couldn't be there 24-7 with my mom and she couldn't be at my home because of the stairs. The people Bernd sent to us took good care of her. She had several people who assisted her. I went this route -- with a service -- because I have a friend who has a handicapped husband who doesn't use a service and she has had some bad caretakers now and then, but at least she and her husband are young and know what's going on and can fire them if they want. I didn't want anybody I wasn't sure about around my elderly mom. We never had any problems with any of the caretakers we used. They were all great.



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I used to live in Mt Prospect and my old neighbor has a live in care giver. Recently the care giver asked me if I knew of anyone looking for a male care giver, she knew of someone looking for a job. I'd be happy to pass along some info. I don't know this male caregiver personally, but the female care giver has been with my old neighbor for some time and she recently found a female caregiver for someone else I know. Let me know if you are interested.




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They are an awesome service. Just don't know if they go as far a Palatine, however, they might network with people in that particular area.

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