Seeking Ideas on Teaching My Four Year Old Spanish

Updated on February 03, 2009
C.B. asks from Glen Burnie, MD
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I am looking for ways to teach my four year old daughter Spanish. Please send me any examples you may have tried.

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There's a free [email protected]

I have a three year old daughter who loves Spanish. She watches Dora the Explorer every night.

If you receive more information, please share it with me.


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My neighbor is running a business now where she comes to your home and teaches Spanish. She is fluent and is a certified teacher (taught for 10 years from elementary to high school). She is in the Glen Burnie area and is still available for new people. Her rates are very reasonable...A LOT cheaper than if you went through a private service. Give her a call and ask her any questions you'd like. She has references.

Her name is Kelley Rose and you can call her at ###-###-####

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hi C.,
that is so good that you want your daughter a second teaching my son how to speak and understand the language. am hispanic. my son being autistic is really hard for him to get the concept ,but he do understand what i am saying to him. there are a lot of computer games that have programs that teaches spanish. dora the explorer is also another way she can learn spanish. she can learn her numbers, colors, certain words all from watching dora. v-teach has a great spanich program. you want it to be fun to learn the langage.

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My 2 year old has been picking up a lot of Spanish just by watching Dora the Explorer. Have you tried that? I can't believe how fast and how much she's picking up......I have to start watching it so I know what she's asking for!! LOL

By the way, what kind of parties? I might be interested!!

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Hi C., I am L. and I have 2 daughters ages 8 and 3 and a 13 year old son. Prior to having children I lived in south America for 2 years. I met a couple there the father was Colombian and the mother was American, they had a 2 year old that spoke both English and Spanish fluently. It amazed me, then it occurred to me, a child that young had not trained there minds to think in any specific language, for example, when I speak Spanish I always think the English word first and then translate it in my mind to Spanish. The younger the child the easier it is to teach another language. they have recently started to teach languages to students in Elementary school where my daughter attends. anyway, I decided that my children should be taught a second language because its so important. Because your daughter is 4 what I am about to suggest may take more time than it did with my children when they were 10 months old but it will work if you are consistant and have pantience. First I need to know if you yourself are fluent in Spanish? It helps if you speak the language well yourself but you can also learn while you teach. Here is how I did and do it. When I say something, anything to my children I say it in English first, then immediately I say it in spanish, example, "Kiya mommy wants a kiss", "mommy quero baso". I do it all the time with every sentence. Plus id your daughter has been watching Dora she knows many words in Spanish anyway. I tell you both my daughters speak Spanish pretty well and they totally understand it.I have a friend who is from Latin america and he speaks Spanish to them 100% of the time and they totally understand following directions he gives with no problem, although he does have to slow it down because at times people who speak Spanish tend to speak rapidly.Good luck and let me know how it works out. Also, sometimes if they don't understand the Spanish sentence then you do every other word, example, mommy, mommy wants, quero, a, un, kiss, baso. it really will work and she will have a blast as will you watching!

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hi! I could give you lots of ideas! My 4yr old is learning spanish as we go along, since I'm bilingual (spanish my first language). So I guess the first thing to consider would be if you know the language or not.
I think its wonderful that you want her to learn spanish! Please let me know so I can send to you my brainstorming of things you could do in either case (of you being bilingual or not... its a bit different)
(I'm a former bilingual elementary school teacher, now a SAHM of two :))


edited to say I'm homeschooling :)

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Berlitz language schools have language programs for kids. You might want to call them. Or you could check around for Spanish language clubs and language schools in your area.

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My son and I have learned some spanish just from watching Dora and Diego. There are many words and phrases we use everyday now.

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I have Puerto Rigan children. I taught them spanish and english at the same time. I would tell them something in spainish, english and spainish again.



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You're welcome to participate in a support group we just started in collaboration with Martin Library in York for parents who are teaching their kids Spanish or who want to start doing so. You don't have to be a native speaker or a fluent Spanish speaker to join. Our first meeting is April 9th at 6 p.m. in the 2nd floor study room at Martin Library in York. We plan to have story time in Spanish, crafts, visits from members of the community and we just plan to have fun in Spanish with our kids. Please pass this on to other parents who may be interested. If you have any questions please e-mail me at [email protected]

I started a blog that chronicles our experience as a family teaching our girls Spanish. Please visit it. It's



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I couldnt agree more about being self employed.
Gives you the chance to make your own schudule and more time with the children.

I wouldnt have it any other way.

N. Smith-Blakeslee



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I have a 6 month old daughter and am about to retrn to work. I'm dreading it. Please tell me about this self-employment you mention. Thanks!


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